EVERETT, WA   [chart] [wx] [tpp]
SNOHOMISH CO (PAINE FLD) (PAE)(KPAE) P (AR) 6 SW UTC–8(–7DT) N47°54.42′ W122°16.90′
608 B LRA ARFF Index—See Remarks NOTAM FILE PAE
RWY 16R–34L: H9010X150 (ASPH–CONC–GRVD) S–100, D–200, 2S–175, 2D–350, 2D/2D2–830 PCN 83 F/A/W/T HIRL CL
RWY 16R: MALSR. TDZL. PAPI(P4R)—GA 3.0° TCH 74′. RVR–TR Rgt tfc.
RWY 34L: MALSF. PAPI(P4L)—GA 3.0° TCH 75′. RVR–TR Trees.
RWY 11–29: H4504X75 (ASPH) S–30 MIRL 0.9% up SE
RWY 11: VASI(V2L)—GA 3.25° TCH 60′. Thld dsplcd 798′. Trees.
RWY 29: VASI(V2R)—GA 4.0° TCH 57′. Trees.
RWY 16L–34R: H3004X75 (ASPH) S–12.5 PCN 4 F/B/Y/T MIRL
RWY 16L: REIL. Pole.
RWY 34R: REIL. Pole. Rgt tfc.
RWY 16L:TORA–3004 TODA–3004 ASDA–3004 LDA–3004
RWY 16R:TORA–9010 TODA–9010 ASDA–9010 LDA–9010
RWY 34L:TORA–9010 TODA–9010 ASDA–9010 LDA–9010
RWY 34R:TORA–3004 TODA–3004 ASDA–3004 LDA–3004
SERVICE: S4 FUEL 100LL, JET A OX1, 3 LGT When twr clsd ACTIVATE HIRL Rwy 16R–34L, MALSR Rwy 16R and PAPI Rwy 34L—CTAF.
MILITARY— FUEL Copter proh at fueling islands. A, A+ (1400–0700Z‡, OT C425–355–6600, fee $250, clsd Thanksgiving and Christmas day.) (NC–100LL)
AIRPORTREMARKS:Attended 1500–0500Z‡. Airfield conditions not monitored after business hours of 8am–5pm local Mon–Fri. Rwy 11–29 clsd exc for taxiing. For jet and helicopter fuel after hrs call 425–355–6600. Helicopters prohibited at fueling islands. Flocks of large and small birds invof arpt. Class IV, ARFF Index A. Arpt clsd to air carrier ops with more than 30 pax seats 0500–1500Z‡ exc PPR ctc arpt ops 425–388–5110/5480. For adnl ARFF capability ctc arpt ops 425–388–5110. Rwy 16L–34R clsd btn 0500–1500Z‡. PAE has fac constraints that limit its ability to accommodate diverted flts and maintain the arpt safe ops dur irreg ops. Acft opr should ctc the on duty arpt ops personnel (425–610–8411) to coord diverted flts exc in the case of a declared in–flt emerg. First 1000′ of Rwy 16R is conc. Large acft fly West pattern over water, small acft fly East pattern over arpt. Be alert for converging tfc on base to final legs Rwys 16R–34L 0500–1500Z‡. Trng flts discouraged after 0600Z‡. Rwy 16R–34L touch and go ldgs prohibited Mon–Fri 1500–1700Z‡. Rwy 16L–34R ltd to helicopters 8,000 lbs or less. Twy A2 rstd to 30,000 lbs. Avoid overflt of Boeing ramp NE corner of arpt due jet blast. Avoid int dep from Rwy 16L–34R. Twy C btn inner ramp and central ramp rstd to wingspan of 68′ or less. Twy D btn Twy D1 and Twy Golf rstd to wingspan of 49′ or less. Twy A4, A5, K7 and B rstd to wingspan of 118′ or less. Taxilane H rstd to wingspan of 49′ or less. Twy E ltd to acft with a wingspan of 156′ and less. Acft over a wingspan of 156′, tug ops only. Areas not visible from ATCT include East edge of South 1200′ of Twy A, Twy E from SE corner of West hangars to Twy A, mid–section of Twy C1, Twy H from NW edge of West hangars to Twy E, NE edge of inner ramp. Twy ints D1, and D2 clsd indef. Twy K1 clsd to acft under 30,000 lbs. Twy K6 clsd west of compass rose. Twy W clsd indef. Transient helicopters expect landing/takeoff on Twy B. For NS ABTMT from 0500–1500Z‡ if acft performance/wind allows, use Rwy 16R for arr and Rwy 34L for dep. Noise sensitive arpt, for NS ABTMT procedures and tfc procedures call arpt ops 425–388–5125. It is requested that pilots adhere to the following NS ABTMT procedures unless otherwise instrd by ATCT, itinerant arr and low apch of small acft over 250 horsepower authorized on Rwy 16L and Rwy 34R. Itinerant dep of small acft over 250 horsepower on Rwy 34R. PPR rqrd for access on Boeing ramp ctc Boeing Flt Dispatch 206–544–5900. Prior to taxi onto Boeing ramp ctc Boeing radio twr 123.475 or call 425–342–5900. Ldg fee for acft over 30,000 lbs GWT.
AIRPORT MANAGER: (425) 388-5100
WEATHER DATA SOURCES: ASOS 128.65 (425) 355–6192. LAWRS.
COMMUNICATIONS: CTAF 132.95 ATIS 128.65 425–355–9797 UNICOM 122.95
PAINE TOWER 132.95 (acft arr West of cntrln or dep Rwy 16R–34L) 120.2 (acft arr East of cntrln or dep Rwy 16L–34R) (1500–0500Z‡) GND CON 121.8 CLNC DEL 126.75
AIRSPACE: CLASS D svc 1500–0500Z‡ other times CLASS E.
PAINE (L) VORW/DME 110.6 PAE Chan 43 N47°55.19′ W122°16.67′ at fld. 669/20E.
ILS 109.3 I–PAE Rwy 16R. Class IIE. Category: special authorization: Category I ILS evaluated to Category II standards. Must meet Category II tolerances to maintain SA Cat II SIAP. ILS unmonitored 0500–1500Z‡. LOC unusable byd 15° lft of course.
COMM/NAV/WEATHER REMARKS: Emerg freq 121.5 not avbl at twr. Seattle APP CON–TRACON monitors 121.5 for Everett (PAE). For clnc del when ATCT is clsd ctc SEA apch at 206–214–4722.

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