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W77°02.26′ 14 B LRA Class I, ARFF Index C NOTAM FILE DCA
RWY 01–19: H7169X150 (ASPH–GRVD) S–110, D–200, 2D–360 PCN 57 F/B/X/T HIRL CL
RWY 01: ALSF2. TDZL. PAPI(P4R)–GA 3.0° TCH 54′. RVR–TR Tower.
RWY 19: MALSF. PAPI(P4L)–GA 3.0° TCH 50′. RVR–TR Tree. Rgt tfc.
RWY 15–33: H5204X150 (ASPH–GRVD) S–110, D–200, 2D–360 PCN 57 F/B/X/T HIRL
RWY 15: REIL. PAPI(P4L)–GA 3.0° TCH 36′. Trees. Rgt tfc.
RWY 33: REIL. PAPI(P4L)–GA 3.0° TCH 37′. Trees.
RWY 04–22: H5000X150 (ASPH–GRVD) S–110, D–200, 2D–360 PCN 57 F/B/X/T MIRL
RWY 04: REIL. PAPI(P4L)–GA 3.25° TCH 52′. Thld dsplcd 200′. Road.
RWY 22: REIL. PAPI(P4L)–GA 3.0° TCH 45′. Ground. Rgt tfc.
RWY 01: TORA–6869 TODA–6869 ASDA–6869 LDA–6869
RWY 04: TORA–5000 TODA–5000 ASDA–5000 LDA–4800
RWY 15: TORA–5204 TODA–5204 ASDA–5204 LDA–5204
RWY 19: TORA–6869 TODA–6869 ASDA–6869 LDA–6869
RWY 22: TORA–4540 TODA–4540 ASDA–4400 LDA–4400
RWY 33: TORA–5204 TODA–5204 ASDA–5204 LDA–5204
SERVICE: S2 FUEL JET A LGT Rwy 19 PAPI–4L consists of two PAPI–4L systems. Rwy 19 PAPI–4L is rotated 21 degs to right of cntrln. The rotated PAPI–4L system supports visual and instr apchs to Rwy 19.
NOISE: NOTE: See Special Notices –District of Columbia Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. Noise Abatement and Prohibited Area (P–56) Avoidance Procedures.
AIRPORT REMARKS: Attended continuously. Flocks of birds on and invof arpt; Fqt gull and geese and duck populations AB over adj river areas. Be advised some aircrews mistake Rwy 15 for Rwy 19. Left–hand turn–offs from Rwy 33 to Twy K prohibited. Ronald Reagan Washington National Arpt (KDCA) is an emerg use only fld for all DoD owned and opr acft. Lgt fm vehicle parking lot lctd 1000 ft SW of Rwy 01 could give false indications of being part of Rwy 01 apch lgt sys drg periods of reduced vis & low ceilings. ASDE–X in use. Operate transponders with altitude reporting mode and ADS–B (if equipped) enabled on all airport surfaces. Twy K ends at Gate 5. Acft arr/dep the general aviation parking area are prohibited from taxiing btn air carrier pushback ops and the gates. Trng flts that include multiple apchs and/or touch and go ops rqr prior permission from the arpt mgr. Rwy 19X exists to support the DCA LDA associated with the ILS. Twy N btn apch end Rwy 15 and Twy K clsd to acft wingspan more than 124 FT. Ldg fees. NOTE: See Special Notices–District of Columbia Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. Noise Abatement and Prohibited Area (P–56) Avoidance Procedures.
AIRPORT MANAGER: 703-417-8050
WEATHER DATA SOURCES: ASOS 132.65 (703) 418–1177. LLWAS. TDWR.
COMMUNICATIONS: D–ATIS 132.65 (703) 419–3917 UNICOM 122.95
®POTOMAC APP CON 119.85 (West/South) 124.2 (East) 124.7
WASHINGTON TOWER 119.1 (134.35 Helicopters) GND CON 121.7 CLNC DEL/PRE TAXI CLNC 128.25
®POTOMAC DEP CON 118.95 (West) 125.65 (East) 124.7
AIRSPACE: CLASS B See VFR Terminal Area Chart.
WASHINGTON (L) (L) VORW/DME 111.0 DCA Chan 47 N38°51.57′ W77°02.19′ at fld. 109W.
VOR unusable:
026°–070° byd 20 NM blo 5,000′
071°–075° byd 20 NM blo 7,000′
076°–105° byd 20 NM blo 5,000′
106°–111° byd 10 NM blo 2,500′
106°–125° byd 20 NM blo 8,000′
126°–145° byd 20 NM blo 5,500′
146°–155° byd 20 NM blo 6,000′
156°–170° blo 5,500′
171°–177° byd 20 NM blo 5,000′
178°–260° byd 20 NM blo 4,500′
261°–275° byd 20 NM blo 6,000′
276°–283° byd 20 NM blo 7,000′
284°–300° byd 20 NM blo 6,000′
301°–025° byd 20 NM blo 4,500′
DME unusable:
090°–165° byd 30 NM blo 3,000′
250°–270° byd 20 NM blo 2,500′
340°–040° byd 30 NM blo 2,500′
OXONN NDB (MHW) 332 VQK N38°45.96′ W77°01.64′ 006° 5.1 NM to fld. 11W.
GEORGETOWN NDB (MHW) 323 GTN N38°55.79′ W77°07.45′ 148° 6.2 NM to fld. 104/9W.
ILS/DME 109.9 I–DCA Chan 36 Rwy 01. Class IIE.
LDA/DME 109.9 I–ASO Chan 36 Rwy 19. DME unusable byd 14 NM blw 1,600′; byd 25° r of course. LOC unusable byd 20° r of course.
LDA/DME 111.35 I–VWH Chan 50(Y) Rwy 19X. LOC offset angle 40 deg. LOC unusable byd 25° left and right of course.
COMM/NAV/WEATHER REMARKS: Lcl flow tfc management turbo jet arr Ronald Reagan Washington National Twr in conjunction with the Washington ARTCC, has implemented a metering plan designed to minimize low alt holding, reduce radar vectors and speeds rqrg the extn of flaps and to provide for an orderly flow of tfc to the final apch crs. Dependent upon the arpt acceptance rate, in–trail spacing btn successive arr may necessitate using speed adjustments prior to reaching the Washington Terminal Area. Descent, under most cond, will be from arr fixes established 30 to 36 miles from the rwy end. Advance ntc as to where to exp descent and when to exp base leg should be given. It is imperative that pilots ctl their descent at a uniform rate to preclude intermediate alt restrictions. Procedures are based on a near idle thrust, 300′ per mile descent in still air cond.

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