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W84°25.67′ 1026 B LRA Class I, ARFF Index E NOTAM FILE ATL
RWY 09L–27R: H12390X150 (CONC–GRVD) S–120, D–200, 2D–360 PCN 62 R/A/W/T HIRL CL
RWY 09L: PAPI(P4R)–GA 3.0° TCH 71′. RVR–TMR Tank. 0.3% down.
RWY 27R: MALS. PAPI(P4R)–GA 3.0° TCH 72′. RVR–TMR Thld dsplcd 500′. Tree. 0.4% up.
RWY 08R–26L: H9999X150 (CONC–GRVD) S–120, D–200, 2D–360 PCN 74 R/A/W/T HIRL CL
RWY 08R: PAPI(P4L)–GA 3.0° TCH 67′. RVR–TMR Tree. 1.0% down.
RWY 26L: MALSR. PAPI(P4L)–GA 3.0° TCH 63′. RVR–TMR Tree. 0.4% down.
RWY 08L–26R: H9000X150 (CONC–GRVD) S–120, D–200, 2D–360 PCN 105R/B/W/T HIRL CL
RWY 08L: ALSF2. TDZL. PAPI(P4L)–GA 3.0° TCH 70′. RVR–TMR Tree. 0.6% down.
RWY 26R: MALSR. TDZL. PAPI(P4L)–GA 3.0° TCH 69′. RVR–TMR Tree.
RWY 09R–27L: H9000X150 (CONC–GRVD) S–120, D–200, 2D–360 PCN 68 R/A/W/T HIRL CL
RWY 09R: ALSF2. TDZL. PAPI(P4L)–GA 3.0° TCH 70′. RVR–TMR Pole.
RWY 27L: ALSF2. TDZL. PAPI(P4R)–GA 3.0° TCH 79′. RVR–TMR Tree. 0.5% up.
RWY 10–28: H9000X150 (CONC–GRVD) S–75, D–209, 2D–600, 2D/2D2–900 PCN 74 R/A/W/T HIRL CL
RWY 10: ALSF2. TDZL. PAPI(P4R)–GA 3.0° TCH 69′. RVR–TMR Tree. Rgt tfc.
RWY 28: ALSF2. TDZL. PAPI(P4R)–GA 3.0° TCH 72′. RVR–TMR Tower.
RWY 08L TWY B13 8490
RWY 09R TWY J 8627
RWY 26R TWY H 8600
RWY 27L TWY P 8600
RWY 08L:TORA–9000 TODA–9000 ASDA–8800 LDA–8800
RWY 08R:TORA–9999 TODA–10999 ASDA–9999 LDA–9999
RWY 09L:TORA–12390 TODA–12390 ASDA–11730 LDA–11730
RWY 09R:TORA–9000 TODA–9000 ASDA–9000 LDA–9000
RWY 10: TORA–9000 TODA–9000 ASDA–9000 LDA–9000
RWY 26L:TORA–9999 TODA–9999 ASDA–9999 LDA–9999
RWY 26R:TORA–9000 TODA–9000 ASDA–8500 LDA–8500
RWY 27L:TORA–9000 TODA–9000 ASDA–8865 LDA–8865
RWY 27R:TORA–12390TODA–12390 ASDA–12390 LDA–11890
RWY 28: TORA–9000 TODA–9000 ASDA–9000 LDA–9000
SERVICE: S4 FUEL 100, 100LL, JET A OX 1, 2, 3, 4 LGT PAPI Rwy 26L unusable byd 7° left and right of RCL. PAPI Rwy 26R unusable byd 6° left and 7° right of RCL. Rotating bcn located S of Twy R7, N of Twy SJ2 near fire station.
NOISE: Noise & opns monitoring system (NOMS) program in effect; call the Atlanta Dept of Aviation 770–43–NOISE or 770–436–6473 for more info.
AIRPORT REMARKS: Attended continuously. Bird act on and invof arpt. Group VI acft (C–5; AN–124 and AN–125) with a wingspan of greater than 214′ are restricted fm using Twy F east of Ramp 5 north and west of Twy D. All acft with wingspans greater than 214′ are required to use taxi speeds not greater than 15 mph on Twy A, Twy L, Twy M, and Twy SJ. When acft with wingspans greater than 214′ are present on the field, all other acft must adhere to the twy centerline on Twy L and Twy M, Twy E and Twy F, and Twy SC and Twy SJ between Twy SG and Twy R due to separation between the parallel twys. Two acft with wingspans greater than 225′ may not taxi simultaneously on adj parallel twys Twy L and Twy M excp west of Twy L7 at speeds less than 15 mph. Acft with wingspan greater than 171′ are rstd from using Twy V. Acft with wingspan gtr than 171′ and/or tail hgt gtr than 45′ are rstd from using Twy W. Acft with wingspan greater than 171′ are rqr to use taxi speeds less than 15 mph when passing acft with wingspan greater than 214′ on Twy L and Twy M (east of Twy L7). No acft with wingspan greater than 213′ may pass another acft with wingspan greater than or equal to 225′ on Twy L and Twy M east of Twy L7. No acft with wingspan greater than 225′ may taxi on Twy M btn Twy L14 and Twy L16, Twy N btn Twy P and Twy SC, and Twy N btn Twy U and Twy K. Acft should not exct the acute angled twy turn Ebnd to Nbnd from Twy N to Twy J. ASDE–X in use. Operate transponders with altitude reporting mode and ADS–B (if equipped) enabled on all airport surfaces. All rwys, touch and go operations, low approaches, and practice instrument approaches not permitted. Preferential rwy use in effect, expect to use Rwys 08R–26L, 09L–27R for deps; Rwys 08L–26R, 09R–27L are used primarily for arrivals. Rwy 09L departures can expect intersection departure fm M2 with rwy remaining 11,440′ (TORA/TODA) and 10,780 (ASDA). Runups are permitted at various sites, coord use of city fac, movement areas, allowable non–movement areas with Dept of Avn opns, 404–787–6095; and coord the use of the airlines facs with them. During Twy W opns Rwy 27R intxn deps from Twy LB or Twy LC can expc the flwg dstsc with rwy rmng: from Twy LB 11,040′ (TORA/TODA) and 12,140′ (ASDA); from Twy LC 10,810′ (TODA/TODA) and 11,910′ (ASDA). Acft may req the full len of Rwy 27R for dep upon initial ctc with ATC. Markings prly obsc on Rwy 08L–26R, Rwy 09R–27L, and Rwy 10–28 due to rubber build–up. Ldg fee. Flight Notification Service (ADCUS) avbl.
AIRPORT MANAGER: 404-530-6600
COMMUNICATIONS: D–ATIS ARR 119.65 (404) 763–7988. D–ATIS DEP 125.55 UNICOM 122.95
®ATLANTA APP CON 127.9 (090°–269°)
®ATLANTA DEP CON 121.225 (Rwy 10–28) 125.65 (Rwys 09L–27R, 09R–27L) 133.475 (Rwys 08L–26R, 08R–26L)
ATLANTA TOWER 119.1 (Rwy 08L–26R) 119.3 (Rwy 09R–27L) 119.5 (Rwy 10–28) 123.85 (Rwy 09L–27R) 125.325 (Rwy 08R–26L)
GND CON 121.65 (Rwy 10–28) 121.75 (Rwys 09L–27R, 09R–27L) 121.9 (Rwys 08R–26L, 08L–26R)
RAMP CTL 131.45 (Ramp 1) 131.85 (Ramp 2) 129.275 (Ramp 3) 130.075 (Ramp 4) 129.375 (Ramp 5) 131.375 (Ramp 6 & Non Movement Area) 128.975 (Ramp 8) 131.875 (Ramp 9) 129.25 (Ramp 6N Snow and Ice and Ramp 7 Snow & Ice) 131.375 (Ramp 6S Snow & Ice) 130.775 (Ramp 20 Snow & Ice) 129.4 (Ramp 33 Snow & Ice)
CLNC DEL 118.1
AIRSPACE: CLASS B See VFR Terminal Area Chart.
ATLANTA (H) DME 116.9 GSU Chan 116 N33°38.01′ W84°24.73′ at fld. 950.
ILS/DME 109.3 I–HFW Chan 30 Rwy 08L. Class IIIE. LOC unsbl byd 15° left and right of course.
ILS/DME 109.9 I–ATL Chan 36 Rwy 08R. Class IE. LOC unusable byd 12° right of course.
ILS/DME 110.5 I–HZK Chan 42 Rwy 09L. Class ID. LOC unusable byd 18° right of course.
ILS/DME 108.9 I–FUN Chan 26 Rwy 09R. Class IIIE. LOC unusable byd 11° left and right of course.
ILS/DME 111.55 I–OMO Chan 52(Y) Rwy 10. Class IIID. LOC unusable throughout zone 5 due to structure at 0.67 NM LOC restricted byd 20 degrees right of course
ILS/DME 108.7 I–BRU Chan 24 Rwy 26L. Class IT.
ILS/DME 110.1 I–GXZ Chan 38 Rwy 26R. Class IE.
ILS/DME 108.5 I–FSQ Chan 22 Rwy 27L. Class IIE. LOC unusable byd 14° left of course
ILS 111.3 I–AFA Rwy 27R. Class IT.
ILS/DME 111.75 I–PKU Chan 54(Y) Rwy 28. Class IIE.
COMM/NAV/WEATHER REMARKS: Be alert to rwy crossing clearances. Readback of all rwy holding instructions is required. Dual VHF comm rqr for Simultaneous Close Parallel ILS PRM Apchs. Rwy 09L–27R and Rwy 09R–27L, mnt 132.55, Rwy 10–28, mnt 133.425, Rwy 08L–26R and Rwy 08R–26L mnt 126.9.

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