Update Sep 2019: use of the API in volume (more than 100 requests per day) will now require a license. For any use of the API, please contact api@vfrmap.com to obtain an API key. API requests without a key will soon be rejected.

To link to a specific location, zoom level, or map type on VFRMap.com, use the following URL format:


'type' here can be one of:

You will typically want to use zoom levels 10-12 for VFR maps and level 9 or 10 for IFR maps.

In addition to linking to VFRMap.com, you can also display sections of our charts on your site:

<img src="http://vfrmap.com/api?req=map&type=sectc&lat=42.5&lon=-120.5&zoom=10&width=350&height=350&api_key=1234">

'width' and 'height' should be between 256 and 768 pixels. Please see examples of embedded chart images below.

Tip: use AirNav to look up airport coordinates.




HTML source:

<a target="_new" href="http://vfrmap.com/?type=vfrc&lat=42.5&lon=-120.5&zoom=10&api_key=1234">
  <img src="http://vfrmap.com/api?req=map&type=vfrc&lat=42.5&lon=-120.5&zoom=10&width=350&height=350&api_key=1234"
     style="border: 1px solid #ddd" width=350 height=350>


HTML source:

<a target="_new" href="http://vfrmap.com/?type=ifrlc&lat=42.5&lon=-120.5&zoom=9&api_key=1234">
  <img src="http://vfrmap.com/api?req=map&type=ifrlc&lat=42.5&lon=-120.5&zoom=9&width=350&height=350&api_key=1234"
     style="border: 1px solid #ddd" width=350 height=350>

High IFR

HTML source:

<a target="_new" href="http://vfrmap.com/?type=ehc&lat=42.5&lon=-120.5&zoom=9&api_key=1234">
  <img src="http://vfrmap.com/api?req=map&type=ehc&lat=42.5&lon=-120.5&zoom=9&width=350&height=350&api_key=1234"
     style="border: 1px solid #ddd" width=350 height=350>