SEATTLE, WA   [chart] [wx] [tpp]
KENMORE AIR SPB (W55) 1 N UTC–8(–7DT) N47°37.74′ W122°20.32′
WATERWAY 16W–34W: 5000X500 (WATER)
NOISE: Special NS ABTMT rules in effect ctc opr for pat info. Do not taxi closer than 200′ from shoreline exc in close proximity to Kenmore Air Harbor.
SEAPLANE REMARKS: Attended dawn–dusk. Fuel avbl emerg only. Ngt ldgs not recommended due to unlgtd small watercraft. Kite flying in public park at N end of arpt and UAVS operating at the N and S ends. When consistent with safety, avoid ′on the step′ ops South and West of red buoy. Five tempo buoys have been placed along the North–South cntrln of Lake Union, each separated by approximately 750′, and mark the aprx location of the preferred seaplane opr area. The buoys have a yellow flashing light that can be ACTIVATED by five clicks on 122.9, to alert boaters of an impending seaplane tkof or landing. Run time on the lights is 60 seconds. The buoy/light system is advisory only, and boaters are not required to clear the area. The buoys will be removed within five days following Labor Day, or earlier. Incrd boating opns on lake May 15 thru Sep 15. All tkf and ldg in ctr of lake. Call 425–486–1257 x2010 for apvl at least 3 hrs prior to arr. Docking fee. Lake Union dock freq 130.30. $150 transit docking fee. Flight Notification Service (ADCUS) avbl.
AIRPORT MANAGER: 425-486-1257
CLEARANCE DELIVERY PHONE: For CD ctc Seattle Apch at 206-214-4722.

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