FAIRFIELD, CA   [chart] [wx] [tpp]
TRAVIS AFB (SUU)(KSUU) AF 3 E UTC–8(–7DT) N38°15.87′ W121°55.45′
63 B TPA—See Remarks AOE NOTAM FILE SUU Not insp.
RWY 03L–21R: H11001X300 (PEM) PCN 82 R/C/W/T HIRL
RWY 03L: PAPI(P4L)—GA 2.5° TCH 75′. RVR–T
RWY 21R: PAPI(P4L)—GA 2.8° TCH 75′. RVR–R
RWY 03R–21L: H10995X150 (CONC) PCN 72 R/B/W/T HIRL CL
RWY 03R: PAPI(P4L)—GA 2.5° TCH 69′. RVR–TMR
RWY 032–212: H3500X90 (CONC) PCN 57 R/B/W/T MIRL
SERVICE: S4 FUEL 115, JET A++, B+ OX 1, 2 LGT PAPI coincidental with ILS GS Rwy 03L vis descent pt for Hgt Gp 4 acft only. PAPI 21R provides proper TCH for Hgt Gp 4 acft only. Rwy 21R thld lgts gated. Rwy 03L–21R thld and edge lgt are on Step 3 unless req otherwise or unless Step 4 or Step 5 is rqr for wx cond. MILITARY— JASU 1(MA–1) 6(MA–1A) 1(MC–1A) 1(MC–2A) 8(A/M32A–86) 1(707 Starting unit) FUEL A++ FLUID W SP PRESAIR LHOX LOX OIL O–128–133–148–156 TRAN ALERT Svc H24. Exp extv svc delay weekend and hol. Tran acft, exc AMC msn, ctc Comd Post not later than 15 min out for svc req. Fleet svc avbl.Trans acft req IFR and/or VFR transition, ctc Current Ops for sched/apvl DSN 837–2381/7597 no later than 0600Z‡ duty day prior.
MILITARY REMARKS: See FLIP AP/1 Supplementary Arpt Remark. Heavy concentration of blackbirds, gulls, and other migratory birds in the apch and dep routes and along infld areas from 1 Sep–30 Apr (Phase II). RSTD Max performance climbs are prohibited for high performance acft. When Rwy 03L–21R not avbl, aircrew should req 15 min early engine start for rqr back taxi opr. ATC will not issue ldg clnc to ftr type acft on Rwy 03L–21R. Rwy 03L/21R rstd to arr and dep only; touch and goes unauthd. C–5 ops not permitted on Twys K and L NW of Twy N. Acft larger than C17, tow only on Twy L. 180° turn rstd to end of rwy/thld areas. Tran acft rwq IFR and/or VFR transition, ctc current ops for schedule/apvl DSN 837–2381/7597 no later than 2200Z‡ duty day prior. AMC sked msns (exc for civ DoD contract, DV, and medevac msns) do not rqr PPR. All other tran acft rqr PPR. Tsnt acft req to conduct lcl sortie msns submit req to wing XP at HTTPS://EIM2.AMC.AF.MIL/ORG/AMCIG/GATEKEEPER/DASHBOARD.ASPX?INSTALLATIONID=15. Note: Acft carrying DV′s, emerg air vac, and spl air msn (SAM) rqr PPR for command post notification and trkg purposes. Due to degraded pavement afld mgmt has rstd ftr–type acft fr utilizing Rwy 03L–21R (low apch only). Ftr type acft approach to taxi across Rwy 03L–21R via twy G and H. CAUTION Rwy 3L ovrn 150′. Tkf obstacles Rwy 3L: 122(58) parked KC10 tails 966′ to 1870′ from dep end of rwy, 738′ to 958′ left of cntrln. Extreme bright lgt on ramp lctd west side of arpt can cause haz illusions and disorientation dur dep/ldg. RVR unavbl for apch and Rwy 21R/dep end Rwy 3L. Rwy edge lgts for both rwys lctd more than 10′ from edge of usable rwy sfc. Rwy 03L–21R and Rwy 03R–21L edge lgts have gaps of more than 400′ on the apch/dep end of the rwys. Rwy edge lgts for Rwy 03L–21R are lctd more than 10′ from the edge of the usable rwy sfc. Extv lgt acft ops. Possible radio freq interference all freqs 9 NM NE over Navy transmit. Exp wind shear blo 2000′ on apch to all rwys. Heavy C5 jet tfc in immediate vicinity. High density VFR tfc cross final apch and dep course. Arr acft exp heavy jet acft cross rwy to parallel twy. Breaking action on rwy and twy may be impaired due to heavy rubber deposits. Avoid overflt of firing range lctd 550′ rgt of cntrln and 1 NM prior to AER 21R when red bcn is on or red flag is displayed. Twy N may be tmpy clsd without ntc south of the 900 ramp due to C–17 combat off–load/STAR trng. Outboard engines rstd to idle only on Twy A, Twy B, Twy D, and Twy M, Rwy 03L–21R , Rwy 03R–21L for B747 acft and larger. C17 offloads prohibited on Twy D east of Rwy 03R–21L. TFC PAT TPA—Rectangular 1601(1538), overhead 2101(2038).
CSTMS/AG/IMG Due to ltd cstms, PN/coord rqrd for arr outside of nml workday hrs. For ngt, Sat, Sun, and hol arr 1 hr PPR. Msn coord thru Travis Comd Post at DSN 837–5517 or C707–424–5517. MISC Ctc Afld mgmt ops for current Bird Watch cond. BASH Phase II is from 01 Oct–30 Nov and 01 Feb–30 Apr. See AP1 for further info. See AP1 for further info. All acft carrying DV will notify Comd Post no later than 24 hr prior with arr time and rqr at DSN 837–5517 or C707–424–5517. Acft with DV code 7 or abv and all inbd pax/cargo acft must ctc Comd Post 30 min prior to ldg and confirm block time. Rwy 03L–21R mkd 150 ft wide, pavement 300 ft wide. Afld mgmt DSN 837–2836, C707–424–2836. First 2175 ft Rwy 03R and first 1000 ft Rwy 21L conc 75 ft keel section is conc remaining width is reinforced asph. 38 ft on either side of keel, ungrvd asph 25 ft are not stressed and not marked as deceptive. First 1000 ft Rwy 21R and first 2900 ft Rwy 03L conc, mid 7100 ft asph. Travis crash fire response (CFR) is an acft rescue and added fire fighting (ARFF) Cat 6 with 12,900 gallons of capability. The steady ARFF cond for Travis AFB is Optimum Level of Service (OLS) for Categories 1–6. Backing ops prohibited on spots 511 thru 515. Shoulders are non–load sfcs. Rwy 21L–03R grooved 148′ entire rwy. Rwy 03R–21L grvd 148′ entire rwy. Rwy 21R grvd btn 10,000′ and 7,750′ remaining and btn 4,800′ and 1,100′ remaining. Rwy 03L grvd btn 9900′ and 6200′ remaining and btn 3250′ and 1000′ remaining. Ldg zone 80′ grvd 90′ entire length. Rwy 03L–21R pavement sfc degraded, aircrews should exercise caution when standing water is present, exp reduced braking performance, or possible hydroplaning. David Grant Medical Ctr helipad lctd 30°16.12′N, 121°58.12W′, elevation 59′. Helipad not visible from twr. Helipad equipped with PCL (VHF 120.75). Ldg/departing will be at your own risk. Ramp 900 ramp B747′s and C5′s on spot 902 will offset 5 ft NW of existing taxi line due to wingtip clnc.
AIRPORT MANAGER: 707-424-2836
COMMUNICATIONS: DATIS 135.55 292.125 DSN 387–2847 PTD 342.5
®APP CON 119.9 322.325 (S) 126.6 281.45 (N)
TOWER 120.75 239.05 254.4 GND CON 121.8 289.4 CLNC DEL 127.55 335.8
®DEP CON 119.9 126.6 281.45 322.325 (S) 306.9 (N)
COMD POST 141.9 349.4 (VHF freq unsvc)(Call Golden Ops) PMSV METRO 271.1 Wx svc avbl 24 hr at DSN 837–3003/5549, C707–424–3003/5549. AN/FMQ–19 automated observing system in use, augmented by human obsn when nec. During wx flt closure or evac, remote briefing svc avbl from 25 op wx squadron DSN 228–6598/6599/6588, C520–228–6598/6599/6588. When auto obsn system inop, obst at 350°–020° and 210°–280° may impact derived prevailing visibility. RVR information not avbl Rwy 21R apch.
(L) TACAN Chan 113 SUU (116.6) N38°14.73′ W121°56.70′ 024° 1.5 NM to fld. 31/17E.
295°–311° byd 27 NM blo 10,000′
No NOTAM MP: 1200–1500Z‡ Mon–Fri (15003+1)
DME unusable:
264°–273° byd 30 NM blo 8,000′
295°–311° byd 27 NM blo 10,000′
ILS 108.35 I–TXV Rwy 03L. Class IE.
ILS 110.1 I–SUU Rwy 21L. No NOTAM MP 1200–1500Z‡ Mon–Fri (1,5003+1).
COMM/NAV/WEATHER REMARKS: ILS Rwy 21L (CAT II) special aircrew and acft certification rqr. Missed apch at inner marker if acft not radar altimeter equipped. Radar coverage ltd in area bounded by SUU075/004, SUU115/013, SUU157/011, SUU185/003. Tfc advisories may not be avbl for non–transponder eqpt acft. Obst may impact prevailing visibility 350°–020° and 210°–280°. ATC will enhance sfc obst when twr visibility is less than 45 SM and different than reported visibility. Dur evacuation of Combat Weather Team (CWT), ctc 25OWS (Operational Weather Team) at number below if unable to reach CWT at DSN 837–7241 C707–424–7241. Alternate WX location visibility severely ltd due to trees, bldgs and parked acft. ATC will supplement sfc obst as needed. KSUU Metro opr continuous. Tran briefing svc avbl 25 OWS DSN 228–6598 C520–228–6598.

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