TACOMA, WA   [chart] [wx] [tpp]
W122°28.59′ 322 B TPA—See Remarks AOE NOTAM FILE TCM Not insp.
RWY 16–34: H10108X150 (ASPH–CONC–GRVD) PCN 60 F/A/W/T HIRL CL
RWY 16: ALSF1. PAPI(P4R)—GA 3.0° TCH 68′. RVR–T 0.4% up.
RWY 34: ALSF2. TDZL. PAPI(P4R)—GA 3.0° TCH 59′. RVR–T Rgt tfc.
RWY 162–342: H3000X60 (ASPH)
RWY 16 HOOK E5 (240' OVRN) HOOK BAK–12B(B) (2450'). HOOK BAK–12B(B) (1668') HOOK E5 (102' OVRN) RWY 34
SERVICE: S4 OX 1, 2 LGT Visual TCH set for hgt Gp 3 acft only. Rwy 16–34 cntr 72′ thld lgt removed. AMP–1/AMP–3 overt/covert assault strip lgt inst mid 5000′ Rwy 16–34. MILITARY— JASU (MD–3M) 1(MD–3) 1(MA–1A) (AM32A–60) 1(MC–11) FUEL A++ FLUID SP PRESAIR De–ice–Exp 3 hr delay. LHOX LOX OIL O–128–133–148–156 SOAP – Results rqr 24 hr, 1530–0030Z‡ wkd exc hol, results not avbl OT. Tran acft req SOAP will arr with historical eng SOAP data for trend analysis. TRAN ALERT Opr H24. Delays can be exp. Prk ltd.
MILITARY REMARKS: RSTD PPR incl scheduled AMC msn due to ltd ramp space, tran acft parking extremely ltd. 24 hr prior coord rqr, Base OPS DSN 382–5611, C253–982–5611. All inbd acft must ctc Command Post (Rainier OPS) no later than 30 min prior to ldg. AMC acft opr rstd dur Bird Watch Cond Moderate (tkf and ldg permission only when departing/arr rte avoid identified bird act, no lcl IFR/VFR tfc pat act) and Severe (tkf and ldg prohibited without OG/CC apvl), ctc PTD/ATIS/Command Post for current Bird Watch Cond. Tran aircrews conducting lcl area low–level training msn must receive lcl procedure/rstd briefing from 62 OSS/OSK at DSN 382–3615, C253–982–3615. CAUTION When performing pre–tkf engine runup, align acft so that debris is not blown toward ADTAC alert hangar or adj acft parking ramp. During VFR conds, acft making low apch, nml tkf, TGL, or missed apch remain at or blo 1800′ until departure EOR. Bird haz. South end rwy not visible from official wx station obsn point. When fog/low clouds are present over AER 34, cond report from obsn point may not be representative. CSTMS/AG/IMG Unsked acft arr btn 0900–1400Z‡ may experience delays for CSTMS/AG/IMG inspections. TFC PAT Before ldg maintain tfc pat alt commensurate with safety as long as practicable. TPA—Rectangular 1800′ (1478) overhead 2300′(1978). MISC Aircrews notify PTD anytime they plan to delay in lcl IFR pat on separate clnc prior to or departure on filed flt plan. Base OPS DSN 382–5611, C253–982–5611. Rwy 16–34 marked with white non–reflective 90′ X 3500′ VFR daytime assault ldg zone. South 1000′ Rwy 16–34 is conc, rwy is grvd. Rwy cond codes (RWYCC) unavbl.
AIRPORT MANAGER: 253-982-5611
®SEATTLE APP/DEP CON 126.5 377.15
TOWER 124.8 259.3 GND CON 118.175 279.65
COMD POST 349.4 134.1
PMSV METRO 342.3 Full wx svc avbl H24 exc dur afld/twr closure. DSN 382–3434/2112, C253–982–3434/2112. All obs provided by AN/FMQ–19 automated observing sys; augmented by human obsn when nec. Full svc PMSV avbl via phone patch with comd post. Tran aircrew ctc 25 OWS dur afld closure to request wx briefing DSN 228–6598, or C520–228–6598. when possible provide 3 hr pn for all rqr briefings.
(T) VORTAC 109.6 TCM Chan 33 N47°08.86′ W122°28.50′ at fld. 283/15E. VORTAC No NOTAM MP 0800–1700Z‡ and 2100–2300Z‡ Wed
VOR unusable:
033°–043° byd 12 NM blo 8,500′
043°–063° byd 12 NM
063°–076° byd 19 NM
076°–082° byd 19 NM blo 8,000′
076°–082° byd 24 NM blo 10,000′
142°–153° byd 12 NM
153°–163° byd 12 NM blo 5,800′
207°–277° byd 12 NM
307°–082° byd 10 NM blo 8,000′
307°–347° byd 12 NM
347°–033° byd 19 NM
ILS 109.9 I–MAR Rwy 16. Class IA. Ry 16–34 backcourse unusable. Ry 16–34 No NOTAM MP 0800–1700Z‡ and 2100–2300Z‡ Tue and Thu.
ILS 108.5 I–TCM Rwy 34. Class IIE. Ry 16–34 backcourse unusable. Ry 16–34 No NOTAM MP 0800–1700Z‡ and 2100–2300Z‡ Tue and Thu.

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