WICHITA FALLS, TX   [chart] [wx] [tpp]
W98°29.51′ 1019 B TPA–See Remarks Class I, ARFF Index B NOTAM FILE SPS
RWY 15R–33L: H13100X300 (CONC) PCN 75 R/C/W/T HIRL
RWY 15R: MALSR. PAPI(P4L)–GA 3.0° TCH 55′. Rgt tfc.
RWY 33L: MALSR. PAPI(P4L)–GA 3.0° TCH 56′.
RWY 15C–33C: H10003X150 (ASPH–CONC) PCN 27 F/B/W/T HIRL
RWY 15C: ALSF1. PAPI(P4L)–GA 3.0° TCH 46′.
RWY 33C: ALSF1. PAPI(P4L)–GA 3.0° TCH 48′.
RWY 18–36: H7021X150 (ASPH) PCN 33 F/A/W/T HIRL
RWY 18: Rgt tfc.
RWY 15L–33R: H6000X150 (ASPH–CONC) PCN 27 R/C/W/T HIRL 0.3% up NW
RWY 15L: REIL. PAPI(P4L)–GA 3.0° TCH 40′.
RWY 33R: REIL. PAPI(P4L)–GA 3.0° TCH 40′.
RWY 15C BAK 15 (175 FT OVRN). BAK 15 (175 FT OVRN). RWY 33C
SERVICE: S2 FUEL 100LL, JET A LGT When ATCT clsd ACTVT MALSR Rwy 33L–CTAF. Rwy 15R–33L PAPI Rwy Reference Point and ILS Rwy Point of Intercept not coincidental. Rwy 15C–33C PAPI GS and ILS GS not coincidental. Rwy 15C SFL OTS UFN. Rwy 33C SFL OTS UFN. MILITARY– A–GEAR MA–1A Rwy 15R–33L not raised, unless 80th FTW is flying, rqr 30 min PN when twr opr. Rwy 15C BAK–15 (175′ into ovrn). Rwy 33C BAK–15 (175′ into ovrn). Rwy 15R MA–1A CHAG (145′ ovrn). Rwy 33L MA–1A CHAG (145′ ovrn). JASU 3(AM32–95) 1(MC–1) 3(AM/32A–86D) FUEL A++
FLUID SP PRESAIR LOX OIL O–148. JOAP Results avbl 1345–2100Z‡ wkd exc hol. TRAN ALERT Opr 1200–0200Z‡ wkd, 1800–2300Z‡ Sun, clsd Sat and hol. Qualified weapons/munitions pers not avbl to safe ftr type acft.
AIRPORT REMARKS: Attended continuously. Migratory bird activity on and invof arpt from Oct–Apr. Mil arpt conducts high performance jet trng in a high density environment Mon–Fri 1300–0300Z‡ and when twr hrs extdd by NOTAM, ocnl Sat and Sun. Rwy 15L/33R for 80 ftw T–6 acft use only. Rwy 15C first 2000 ft and last 1000 ft conc; middle zone asph. Rwy 15L–33R first and last 1000′ conc, middle zone asph. Due to close proximity of Rwys 33L and 33C use vigilance with monitor gnd track for the Hi–TACAN Rwy 33C apch. Solo students not authorized. Wx obsn ltd to west due to hangar rstd view. TPA–lgt acft 1819(800), conventional and jet acft 2319(1300). Overhead Rwy 15R–33L 2819(1800).
MILITARY REMARKS: RSTD PPR, 24 hr PN rqr, ctc afld OPS DSN 736–21806474, C940–676–21806474. All tran acft must be chocked 30 minutes prior to tran alert closing, PPR expires 30 minutes prior to afld closing. All trans acft required to arrive with crew orders for security forces. Tran acft ltd to one apch to a full stop ldg and must taxi to prkg durg stu trng. Twy L and K clsd exc for mil base assigned acft and C–130 and smlr acft exiting Rwy 33C via Twy L and K. Pavement north of Twy Echo btn Rwy 18–36 and Airfield Ops Cntr apn unusbl. Remain on Twy Echo cntrln. CAUTION Do not confuse parallel twy with Rwy 15R–33L. Dur periods when ctl twr is clsd, exer caution when taxiing, the civ arpt is lctd to the S and the mil ramp is lctd to the W of the rwys. Fld Cond NOTAM (FICON) (RSC/RCR) not rprtd when twr clsd. ATC personnel in accordance with the cooperative wx Watch (CWW) will alert WX personnel on any unreported wx cond that could affect flt safety. Mil arpt conducts hi per jet trng in a hi density environment 1400–0400Z‡ Mon–Fri and when twr hr extn by NOTAM, ocnly Sat. Trans mil acft not auzd to arr/dep outside of publ hr. MISC Base OPS 1200–0200Z‡ wkd; 1800–2300Z‡ Sun; clsd Sat and hol. AETC fgtr acft exp reduced rwy separation. Day/VFR, similar type acft 3000′, dissimilar type acft 6000′, ngt 6000′ all AETC acft. For arr/dep req outside of published hrs ctc the Afld Ops Flt/Command Post at C940–676–2616, DSN 736–2616. Tran Mil acft will not receive support from Sheppard AFB outside of published hr. Expect no AF svc while prk at the rgn arpt. Tran AETC acft notify twr on initial ctc if reduced rwy separation is not desired. Ctc Base Taxi DSN 736–1843 C940–676–1843, or U–Drive DSN 736–6813 C940–676–6813 prior to arr. Mil wx advsy/warning avbl on req METRO. Wx obsv ltd to west due to rstd view. NOTE: See Special Notices–Aerobatic Practice Area.
AIRPORT MANAGER: 940-676-7119
WEATHER DATA SOURCES: ASOS (940) 855–9045 Obsn augmented dur afld opr hr.
COMMUNICATIONS: CTAF 119.75 279.525 ATIS 132.05 269.9 (Opr 1200–0200Z‡) UNICOM 122.95 PTD Mnt 1200–0200Z‡ Mon–Fri, 1800–2300Z‡ Sun, exc hol.
®SHEPPARD APP CON 118.2 269.025 (Mon–Fri 1200–0200Z‡, Sun 1800–2300Z‡; clsd Sat and hol, OT ctc FORT WORTH CENTER 133.5 350.35)
®SHEPPARD DEP CON 118.2 120.4 269.025 316.075(Mon–Fri 1200–0200Z‡, Sun 1800–2300Z‡, exc hol, OT ctc FORT WORTH CENTER 133.5 350.35)
®FORT WORTH CENTER APP/DEP CON 133.5 350.35 (Mon–Fri 0200–1200Z‡, Sun 2300–1800Z‡, Sat and hol 24 hrs)
SHEPPARD TOWER 119.75 279.525 (Mon–Fri 1200–0200Z‡, Sun 1800–2300Z‡, clsd Sat and hol, OT use CTAF 119.75 279.525) GND CON 125.5 289.4 CLNC DEL 121.2 282.225
PMSV METRO 339.65 Wx opr hr 0500Z‡ Mon thru 0100Z‡ Sat, 1300–2200Z‡ Sun, clsd Sat and hol; opr hr may vary by lcl flying sked. Ctc C940–676–2730. KSPS ASOS remains opnl. Winds issued by twr are offl afld winds fm the cntr rwy.
CLEARANCE DELIVERY PHONE: For CD if una to ctc on FSS freq, ctc Fort Worth ARTCC at 817-858-7584.
AIRSPACE: CLASS D svc 1200–0200Z‡ Mon–Fri, 1800–2300Z‡ Sun, clsd Sat & hol; other times use CTAF 119.75 279.525; other times CLASS E.
WICHITA FALLS (H) (H) VORTACW 112.7 SPS Chan 74 N33°59.24′ W98°35.61′ 079° 5.1 NM to fld. 1133/10E.
(L) TACAN Chan 45 SHP (110.8) N33°58.96′ W98°29.26′ at fld. 992/5E. No NOTAM MP 0500–1200Z‡ Wed
DME unusable:
240°–260° byd 35 NM blo 3,500′
261°–280° byd 30 NM blo 5,000′
AZIMUTH unusable:
261°–280° byd 30 NM blo 5,000′
ILS 110.5 I–SHP Rwy 15C. Class IT. ILS unmntrd 0200–1100Z‡. ILS apch not radar mnt wkend and hol. Mp 0500–1200Z‡ dly.
ILS/DME 109.7 I–SPS Chan 34 Rwy 33L. Class IE. ILS unmntrd 0200–1100Z‡. ILS apch not radar mnt wkend and hol. Mp 0600–1100Z‡ Mon, Tue.
ASR (1200–0200Z‡)
COMM/NAV/WEATHER REMARKS: ASOS obsn augmented dur afld opr hr. ASOS is fixed sensor lctd near south end Rwy 15R–33L, measures clouds up to max hgt 12,000′. Radar see Terminal FLIP for Radar Minima

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