QUANTICO, VA   [chart] [wx] [tpp]
QUANTICO MCAF (TURNER FLD) (NYG)(KNYG) MC 1 S UTC–5(–4DT) N38°30.22′ W77°18.30′
10 B NOTAM FILE DCA Not insp.
RWY 02–20: H4250X184 (PEM–GRVD) PCN 69 R/B/W/T HIRL CL
RWY 02: REIL. PAPI(P4L)–GA 3.0° TCH 35′.
SERVICE: FUEL JET A1+ OX 1 MILITARY– LGT Rwy 02 – Cntrln lgts first 1000 ft. When twr clsd actvt REILS Rwy 02 & 20; PAPI Rwy 02; HIRL Rwy 02–20; CL Rwy 02; twy lgts–CTAF. To actvt & incr ints cmsnd key 118.6, 7 times high, 5 times med, 3 times low. FUEL A++; limited supply. Exp no more than 10,000 over PPR. TRAN ALERT No tran maint avbl. Rqr qualified crew member to assist in cold refueling.
NOISE: Noise Abatement: The area in and around the Quantico Class D Airspace is noise sensitive. Copter transit Quantico Class D Airspace at or abv 1000′ AGL.
MILITARY REMARKS: Opr Mon–Thur 1300–0000Z‡, Fri 1300–2200Z‡, CLOSED Sat, Sun and hol. RSTD All tran acft 24 hr PPR, Base Ops DSN 278–2085/1459, or C703–784–2085/1459. After 2200Z‡ and on wkends call DSN 378–0929 or C703–675–3623 for PPR. Mil acft and light civil acft opr at other than published hr SR–SS only. Clsd fld opr not authorized for tran acft. CAUTION Bird haz vcnty Rwy 02–20 SR–SS. Hvy migratory bird act Oct–Mar, hvy Osprey act Mar–Jul, heavy Eagle act Dec–Jul. No mandatory rwy VFR hold position signs co–located w/markings on Twys A, B, and D. Rwy 02 ovrn 100′. Rwy 20 no ovrn. Twy D sfc consists of AM–2 aluminum matting with non–skid all wx coating; no edge lgtng on Twy D. Ltd lgtng on N edge of Twy B btn rwy and int of parl twy. Twy C clsd. Marked and lighted 4′ deep x 4′ diameter hole 10′ from rwy edge west side, 280′ south of Rwy 20 thld. CSTMS/AG/IMG Avbl with 72 hr PN PPR only.
MISC MCAF Quantico and R–6608 lie within the Washington ADIZ. Pilots must adhere to ADIZ reporting procedures in both these areas. Twy A limited to R/W dalgt VFR only. C–17 landing zone marked but not certified. Assualt ldgs not autorized. Cat II crash/fire rescue svc. Rwy 02–20 grooved full length. MCAF Quantico has no provisions for Space A passengers. Space A passengers cannot be on–loaded or off–loaded due to security issues. No 180 deg turns on rwy asphalt. 180° turns only on conc EOR. No staggered acft devs from RCL.
AIRPORT MANAGER: 703-784-2084
COMMUNICATIONS:SFA CTAF 118.6 ATIS 263.15 (Mon and Fri 1300–2200Z‡, Tue 1600–0200Z‡, Wed–Thu 1300–0200Z‡)
®APP/DEP CON 127.05 290.375 (1300–0200Z‡ Mon–Thu, 1300–2200Z‡ Fri, opr Sat, Sun and hol by NOTAM only.)
®POTOMAC APP/DEP CON 128.525 306.925 (When twr clsd)
TOWER 118.6 360.2 (1300–0200Z‡ Mon–Thu, 1300–2200Z‡ Fri, opr Sat, Sun and hol by NOTAM only)
GND CON 121.75 340.2 PMSV METRO 355
CLEARANCE DELIVERY PHONE: For CD when NYG ATCT/Apch are clsd ctc Potomac Apch at 866-709-4993.
AIRSPACE:CLASS D svc 1300–0200Z‡ Mon–Thu, 1300–2200Z‡ Fri, opr Sat, Sun, and hol by NOTAM only; other times CLASS G.
BROOKE (L) (L) VORTAC 114.5 BRV Chan 92 N38°20.18′ W77°21.17′ 022° 10.3 NM to fld. 145/9W.
DME unusable:
011°–060° byd 20 NM
121°–161° byd 17 NM
239°–249° byd 5 NM
VOR unusable:
011°–060° byd 20 NM
121°–161° byd 17 NM
239°–249° byd 5 NM
ILS/DME 108.3 I–NYG Chan 20 Rwy 02. LOC unusable wi 0.5 NM. LOC unusable byd 20° left and right of course.
ASR/PAR (1300–0200Z‡ Mon–Thu, 1300–2200Z‡ Fri, opr Sat, Sun and holidays by NOTAM only)
COMM/NAV/WEATHER REMARKS: Radar see Terminal FLIP for Radar Minima.

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