FORT CAVAZOS (KILLEEN), TX   [chart] [wx] [tpp]
ROBERT GRAY AAF (GRK)(KGRK) MIL/CIV A 6 SW UTC–6(–5DT) N31°04.04′ W97°49.74′
1015 B TPA–See Remarks Class I, ARFF Index E NOTAM FILE GRK
RWY 15–33: H9997X200 (ASPH–CONC) PCN 59 R/B/W/T HIRL
RWY 15: MALSR. PAPI(P4L)–GA 3.0° TCH 53′. RVR–T
RWY 33: MALSR. PAPI(P4L)–GA 3.0° TCH 50′. RVR–R Thld dsplcd 194′. 0.4% up.
SERVICE: FUEL JET A MILITARY– JASU 1(AM32–95) LASS 1(TUG TMD–250) 1(ESSEX B809) FUEL A++ PPR only. (A, 1000–0230Z‡, OT C254–501–8750).
AIRPORT REMARKS: Attended continuously. PPR all civil acft, ctc arpt manager.
MILITARY REMARKS:See FLIP AP/1 Supplementary Arpt Remarks. PPR all civil acft ctc arpt manager at 254–501–8704 or OPS 254–501–8750. RSTD PPR mil ramp DSN 738–92009209, C254–288–92009209 civ ramp (KFHRA) C254–501–8750. Twy D and Twy B from Twy C to AER 33 not authorized for DoD acft that rqr Class B rwy. Twy B from Twy C to Twy E rstd to acft with wingspan 200′ or less. Twy B from Twy C to AER 15 RSTD to acft with an ACN of 24 of less. CAUTION Extv copter opr vcnty Fort Cavazos, some wo conspicuous mrk and blend with terrain. Extensive helicopter SOD ops. Extensive UAS acft within Class D airspace and btn Class D airspace and R6302. TFC PAT Tfc pat altitude left and rgt. TPA–Rotary Wing 1500 (485), UAS 2000 (985) west tfc only, Fixed Wing 2500 (1485), pure jet/overhead 3000 (1985). CSTMS/AG/IMG CSTMS avbl. 72hr prior notice rqr. During normal duty hr ctc Provost Marshal′s office CSTMS DSN 737–3535/3508, C254–287–3535/3508, other times ctc base ops DSN 738–9200, C254–288–9200. USDA AG inspection not avbl. MISC 50′ fuel svc safety zone enforced during all refuel ops. Ltd parking. Base OPS approval for ramp access. Clsd circuit TV opr. No de–ice capability. All inbound PPR acft ctc PTD 20 min prior ldg. Base OPS fax DSN 738–1930, C254–288–1930. Rwy 33 first 1000′ PEM remaining 8997′ GRVD. Wx visibility obstruction rstd S through NW. Precision approach radar not avbl (Exc emergency) from 0500–1300Z‡. 24 hr notice rqr for lavatory and water svc. Space A passenger ops prohibited, inbound and outbound. No off afld tran aircrew transportation avbl. Wide body acft 180° turns allowed only on conc areas at each EOR Rwy 15–33. Wide body acft movement on the south ramp auth only under control of follow–me and ground marshal personnel. Water twr 1182′ east side of afld.
AIRPORT MANAGER: 254-501-8701
COMMUNICATIONS: CTAF 120.75 ATIS 124.9 UNICOM (CIV) 122.825 PTD 125.05 305.15
®GRAY APP/DEP CON 120.075 323.15
TOWER 120.75 285.5 GRAY GND CON 121.8 279.5 CLNC DEL 126.2 251.1
PMSV GRAY METRO 41.2 306.5 (3 CWS, Robert Gray AAF, DSN 738–94009620 C254–288–94009620. Full svc avbl H24 or remote briefing svc avbl 26 OWS Barksdale AFB, DSN 331–2651, C318–529–2651) RANGE CTL 30.45 38.3
FT HOOD FLT FLW 141.175 357.5
AIRSPACE: CLASS D svc continuous.
GRAY (T) (T) VORW/DME 111.8 GRK Chan 55 N31°01.97′ W97°48.83′ 332° 2.2 NM to fld. 963/7E.
GOOCH SPRINGS (H) (H) VORTACW 112.5 AGJ Chan 72 N31°11.13′ W98°08.51′ 109° 17.6 NM to fld. 1191/5E. NOTAM FILE SJT.
ILS 111.1 I–GRK Rwy 15. Class IT.
ILS/DME 109.35 I–BTJ Chan 30(Y) Rwy 33. Class IE.
COMM/NAV/WEATHER REMARKS: Radar see Terminal FLIP for Radar Minima. •

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