FORT EUSTIS, VA   [chart] [wx] [tpp]
FELKER AAF (FAF)(KFAF) A UTC–5(–4DT) N37°07.96′ W76°36.54′
12 B TPA–See Remarks NOTAM FILE DCA Not insp.
RWY 14–32: H3025X75 (ASPH) PCN 13 F/B/Y/T HIRL
RWY 14: ODALS. PAPI(P2L)–GA 3.0° TCH 48′. Rgt tfc.
RWY 32: PAPI(P2L)–GA 3.0° TCH 48′.
SERVICE: MILITARY– LGT ACTVT ODALS Rwy 14, PAPI Rwy 14 and Rwy 32; HIRL Rwy 14–32–CTAF. Rwy 32 VGSI unusbl byd 9 degrees right and 7 degrees left of ctrln. JASU 2(AGPU) FUEL J8 TRAN ALERT Svc avbl 1230–2130Z‡ Mon–Fri exc hol.
MILITARY REMARKS: Base OPS Mon–Fri 1145–0400Z‡ exc hol, DSN 826–5828/2584, C757–878–5828/2584. RSTD PPR 24 hr notice all non KFAF based acft, ctc base ops. Acft entering from south–southeast maximum alt 500′ due to instrument apch into Newport News/Williamsburg Arpt. No hazardous cargo area avbl. After hrs ops rstd to DOD, State/Federal msn essential ops only. CAUTION Ctc Base Ops for current BASH conditions. Increased bird act 1 Oct to 30 Nov and 1 Feb to 31 Mar. Significant eagle activity invof 1 NM south AER 32, 1 NM E of arpt on Warwick River. No overflight tfc of main post. Perm moveable crane on watercraft base 3100′ west northwest of Rwy 14 apch end. No fly area 1.6 NM southeast Rwy 32 to include entire peninsula. TFC PAT TPA–Fixed wing 1000(989), rotary wing 500(489). MISC C757–878–5300, DSN 826–5300. Remote briefing avbl from Shaw AFB DSN 965–0588, (fax) DSN 965–1527. Use C877–297–4129 if DSN not avbl. Flight svcs 1–800–WX–BRIEF. Wx observation visibility rstd to 1/2 SM from NW to NE, 1/4 to 3/4 SM all other quadron. When twr and/or sfc visibility is blo 4 SM and differ by a reportable value, a twr visibility remark will be reported during supplemented wx observation. FAA Leesburg FSS C800–992–7433. Heli–deck marking lctd north of and adjacent to the apch of Rwy 14. Frangible perimeter fence enclosing rwy environment exists within 500′ of rwy cntrln. Multiple bldgs. Penetrating 7:1 imaginary surface, northeast side of rwy. Parking lots/lgt poles/and multiple frangible objects within 500′ NE or rwy cntrln. Emerg dispatch monitors CTAF, 2300–0700Z‡. Emerg svcs mnt CTAF after hrs.
AIRPORT MANAGER: 757-878-2865
®NORFOLK APP/DEP CON 125.7 335.625
TOWER 126.3 269.25 (1200–0400Z‡ Mon–Fri exc Federal hol) GND CON 121.35 229.4
PMSV METRO 134.1 (Monitored Mon–Fri 1000–2200Z‡ exc hol. Maximum range 30 NM) BASE OPS 38.7 134.1 142.2 255.7
CLEARANCE DELIVERY PHONE: For CD when ATCT clsd, ctc Norfolk Apch at c757-363-5864.
AIRSPACE: CLASS D svc 1200–0400Z‡ Mon–Fri exc fed hol; other times CLASS G.
FRANKLIN (L) (L) VORTACW 110.6 FKN Chan 43 N36°42.85′ W77°00.74′ 047° 31.7 NM to fld. 84/9W.
VOR unusable:
090°–119° byd 18 NM blo 2,000′
119°–128° byd 10 NM
129°–134° byd 33 NM
DME unusable:

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