ABILENE, TX   [chart] [wx] [tpp]
DYESS AFB (DYS)(KDYS) AF 5 SW UTC–6(–5DT) N32°25.11′ W99°51.39′
1790 B TPA–See Remarks NOTAM FILE FTW Not insp.
RWY 16–34: H13500X300 (PEM) PCN 57 R/C/W/T HIRL
RWY 16: ALSF1. PAPI(P4L)–GA 2.6° TCH 48′. RVR–T
RWY 34: ALSF1. PAPI(P4L)–GA 2.5° TCH 53′. RVR–T
RWY 163–343: 3500X60 (GRE)
RWY 164–344: H3498X60 (ASPH) PCN 40 F/B/W/T
SERVICE: S4 FUEL JET A+ OX 2 MILITARY– JASU 1(MD–3) 1(MA–1A) 1(AM32A–60A) 1(A/M32A–86) FUEL A++ FLUID LPOX De–ice OIL O–133–148–156 TRAN ALERT Svc avbl 1400–0400Z‡ Mon–Fri; clsd wkend and hol. No mil fleet svc avbl, ltd tran svc avbl.
NOISE: Quiet hr policy 0400–1000Z‡.
MILITARY REMARKS: Opr hrs 1300–0559Z‡ Mon–Fri for all acft, 1500–2300Z‡ Sat–Sun for 7 BW and 317 AW only; clsd hol, hol wkend and AFGSC Fam Days. In case of aft hr emerg ntfy 7 BW Comd Post at 325–696–1921. RSTD PPR ctc afld mgmt at 7OSS.OSAA.AMOPS@us.af.mil for PPR req form DSN 461–2515/2258. Min 24 hr notice required and req no more than 7 days prior. PPR valid +/– 30 minutes of sked ldg. All diverts must ctc Afld Mgmt to confirm ramp space/tran svc avbl. Rwy 163–343 used as an assault strip. PPR valid +/– 30 minutes. PPR will not be issued for tran acft req Rwy 163–343 and Rwy 164–344. LZ164–444 has a non–std ltg sys. Tran acft must obtain briefing fm 317 OSK prior to ngt opns. without formal notification from 317 OSK, tran acft using Rwy 163–343 or 164–344 at ngt without lgt (overt or covert) and with respective MAJCOM/A3 apvl must notify Afld Mgmt and req separate NOTAM for unlgtd LZ opns. Inbd acft with DV code 6 or abv ctc afld ops 20 min prior arr Mon–Fri, ctc Comd Post on UHF or DSN 461–1921. 45 min prior wkend and hol. No arrival/departure when lightning within 5 NM without OG/CC approval. Twy G rstd to daylight ops only, exc navigation ops and maintenance tow. Park spots A1 and B1 avbl for taxi only. Parking spots A12, A13 and A20 are designated acft ground equipment (AGE) spots. ops only. Tye ramp clsd. B–52 acft ldg Dyess AFB must prvd at least 2–4 hrs notice bfr arr for afld prep. CAUTION Intensive training and formation flight of heavy acft in the immediate vicinity. Extensive VFR assault strip tfc west of Rwy 16–34. Afld signs require B52 acft exit Rwy 16–34 at Twy F. Acft lrgr than C130 only allowed 180 deg turns on conc sfc at N and S ends of Rwy 16–34. During bird watch condition moderate and severe, aircrews should comply with owning MAJCOM/Unit guidance, aircrews can obtain current bird watch condition fr ATIS/PTD. BASH Phase II in effect Apr–Jun and Sep–Nov. COMSEC stored at Command Post. Nmrs unmkd spalls thru out Rwy 16–34. Ctc afld mgmt ops DSN 461–2515 for further info. TFC PAT TPA–Rectangular 3000(1210), overhead 3500(1710). During VMC dep acft must remain at or blo 3000′ until fld boundary to ensure separation from VFR overhead. RSRS applies to all local acft, B–1 8000′, C–130, 5000′ separation, B–1 acft rqr minimum ceiling/visibility 1500′/3 statute miles and rwy surface dry. CSTMS/AG/IMG CSTMS avbl, ctc Security Forces DSN 461–2131/2132 24 hr in advance. MISC All AMC acft ctc AMCC prior to arrival DSN 461–1984, C 325–696–1984. Wx fcst svc avbl dur afld opr hrs; DSN 461–2524, C325–696–2524. All 175–1 wx req rqr 2 hr notice. Afld wx mnt by AN/FMQ–19 ASOS, augmented by human obsn when rqr. ATC will relay twr prev vis, RCR/RSC and VIRGA rmk to acft. Augmented sfc vis rstd 090°–160° by bldg. For customs refer to FCG or AP–1. Fire bottles lctd at N and S hammerheads.
COMMUNICATIONS: SFA ATIS 269.175 PTD 139.3 372.2
®ABILEEN APP/DEP CON 125.0 338.3 (E) 127.2 282.3 (W)
TOWER 133.0 257.675 (UHF equipped acft shall use 257.675 to max extent possible.) GND CON 118.35 275.8
COMMAND POST (CALL– RAYMOND 37) 311.0 PMSV METRO 383.25 Altn PMSV, Sheppard AFB 339.65.
(L) TACAN Chan 63 DYS (133.6) N32°25.11′ W99°51.42′ at fld. 1784/5E. mp: 1100–1500Z‡ Mon No NOTAM MP: 1100–1500Z‡ Wed
096°–106° byd 25 NM blo 5,500′
166°–178° byd 30 NM blo 5,500′
179°–239° byd 20 NM blo 5,500′
240°–260° byd 14 NM
261°–272° byd 30 NM blo 5,500′
DME unusable:
131°–142° byd 39 NM blo 5,500′
166°–178° byd 30 NM blo 5,500′
179°–239° byd 20 NM blo 5,500′
240°–260° byd 14 NM
261°–272° byd 30 NM blo 5,500′
ABILENE (VH) (H) VORTACW 113.7 ABI Chan 84 N32°28.88′ W99°51.81′ 165° 3.8 NM to fld. 1809/10E. NOTAM FILE ABI.
VOR unusable:
163°–236° byd 40 NM blo 18,000′
237°–247° byd 40 NM blo 7,000′
248°–250° byd 40 NM blo 18,000′
251°–255° byd 40 NM blo 4,500′
251°–255° byd 46 NM blo 18,000′
TUSCOLA (L) (L) VORW/DME 111.6 TQA Chan 53 N32°14.14′ W99°49.01′ 340° 11.1 NM to fld. 2058/10E.
ILS 109.9 I–TYY Rwy 16. Class ID. Mp:1100–1500Z‡ Tue. No NOTAM MP: 1100–1500Z‡ Fri.
ILS 109.9 I–DYS Rwy 34. Class IE. Mp: 1100–1500Z‡ Tue. No NOTAM MP: 1100–1500Z‡ Fri.
COMM/NAV/WEATHER REMARKS: Radar see Terminal FLIP for Radar Minima.

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