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DOVER AFB (DOV)(KDOV) MIL/CIV AF 3 E UTC–5(–4DT) N39°07.77′ W75°27.96′
29 B TPA–See Remarks LRA Class IV, ARFF Index A NOTAM FILE DOV
RWY 14–32: H12903X150 (ASPH–CONC–GRVD) PCN 105R/B/W/T HIRL
RWY 14: PAPI(P4L)–GA 3.0° TCH 78′. Thld dsplcd 4251′.
RWY 32: REIL. PAPI(P4L)–GA 2.93° TCH 69′.
RWY 01–19: H9602X150 (CONC–GRVD) PCN 150R/A/W/T HIRL CL
RWY 01: ALSF2. TDZL. PAPI(P4L)–GA 3.0° TCH 75′. RVR–T
RWY 19: ALSF1. REIL. PAPI(P4L)–GA 3.0° TCH 75′. RVR–T
SERVICE: S4 FUEL JET A+, J8 OX 2, 4 MILITARY– JASU (Adapters not avbl.) 3(MA–1A) (M32A–86) FUEL A+, J8 FLUID SP PRESAIR LPOX LOX OIL O–133–148 SOAP TRAN ALERT Opr H24.
NOISE: Noise abatement: Strict compliance with procedure rqr.
MILITARY REMARKS:See FLIP AP/1 Supplementary Arpt Information. RSTD Contact airfield management DSN 445–2861 for bird watch conditions (BWC). Non–DOD civil acft ops 72 hr PPR by ctc C302–571–6375. PPR exc AMC, Special Air Mission, DoD courier svc, and evacuation msn DSN 445–2861. All acft with hazardous material/rqr remote/isolated parking will ctc 436 airborne pulse search. Explosive Handling Section DSN 445–2304 1230–2130Z‡ or ATOC Duty Officer DSN 445–2300 2130–1230Z‡ for PPR. Base OPS DSN 445–2861/4192, C302–677–2861/4192. All inbnd pax/cargo acft must ctc Comd Post no later than 30 min prior to ldg. Rwy 32 tkf distance avbl 10,070′. Acft taxiing out of main ramp using taxi lane L btn Delta row and spot Echo must use minimum power and in–board engine only (C5 acft should not exceed 40 percent N1 RPM) when turning onto taxi lane A. Dignified transfer missions contact 436 AW/CP for advance coordination and to obtain a current copy of DT aircrew brochure. CAUTION Possible jet wake turbulence in tfc pat and C5 jet blast dur gnd opr. High speed, low alt heavy jet tfc within 10 NM. Five civ arpt lctd within 10 NM radius. Special haz exist for wide body acft taxiing from ramp. Follow me truck rqr for all movements on ramp by non C5 tran acft, tran C5 follow me svc avbl on req. Tree line east of Rwy 19 apch end may cause wind shear during ldg when wind is from southeast. Breaking action less than optimum when rwy is wet due to rubber build–up. Nstd mrk–C17 star turn mrk lctd on Twy A at int of Twy D (2 white stripes 100′ apart, 190′ length x 1′ wide. C17 backing demonstration zone mrk on Twy C btn Rwy 14–32 and Twy B. Mrk will be white and vary in width and geometry. C–17 acft wingtip trng lines on taxi lane L in front of prk spot E. C–5 acft wingtip trng lines on taxi lane L btn prk spot D2 and E. C–5 and C–17 wing tip trng sign lctd off of Twy G. Signs depict 10 ft and 25 ft wing tip clnc. Sfc painted apn entrance point markings exist on haz cargo ramp, south ramp and Christmas tree ramp. Twy D btn Rwy 01–19 and haz cargo pad does not have shoulder markings. TFC PAT TPA–Rectangular 1500(1471), overhead 2500(2471). Aero Club/lgt acft 1000(971). MISC Rwy Cond Code (RwyCC) not reported. USAF ARFF meets all emerg response times. ARFF is Cat 6 firefighting agent (12.1K) level with NFPA Cat 10 staffing level (13). Sufficient capability is provided for initial response, scene assessment and implementation of mitigation tactics. All acft must understand interior firefighting and rescue svc could be potentially delayed. Twy D edge lgt 40′ from twy edge between Rwy 32 hold line and Rwy 01–19. Rwy 32 first 2000′, middle 1500′ 1000′ southeast of Twy C and last 1000′ conc, remainder of rwy asph. First 4250′ Rwy 14 and first 1650′ Rwy 32 grvd conc, middle 7000′ asph. Rwy 32 winds derived from AER 01. Rwy 14 winds derived from AER 19. ARFF steady state is optimum level of svc for all acft category with 12,900 gallons of agent and 18 persons. ARFF index applies only to the Dover Civil Air Patrol terminal. 72 hrs PPR is rqr for all civ acft ops that need to use the Dover Civil Air terminal, call 302–736–6614. Afld management has ltd amount of storage for classified material. Size ltd to small backpacks or smaller only. Base opr has ltd amount of storage for classified material, size ltd to small backpack or smaller only. Base OPS has no COMSEC to tran aircrews. Tran aircrews should plan to arrive with appropriate amount of COMSEC to complete entire msn. Rwy 32 assault ldg zone (ALZ) nstd afld mark consisting of white box (500′X90′) beginning 500′ from thld with white bar 3000′ from end of box. Afld is TERPS from sfc (grd level), DER crossing hgt 0′. B747 (all series) must arr with tow bar.
AIRPORT MANAGER: 302-677-4183
COMMUNICATIONS: D–ATIS 127.825 273.5 DSN 445–2847 269.125 PTD 372.2 (Thru Comd Post)
®APP CON 132.425 135.15X 257.875 (VFR sequencing svc 25 NM out on 125.9 282.325)
TOWER 126.35 279.625 GND CON 118.875 225.4 CLNC DEL 125.55 289.4
®DEP CON 134.425 257.875 323.0
COMD POST 349.4 (Call sign First Ops) PMSV METRO 342.0 Wx flt DSN 445–4175/4176, C302–677–4175/4176. If fcstr is out of office and does not answer on UHF ctc comd post DSN 445–4201, C302–677–4201 for fone patch. If fone patch fails, ctc frcstr on sby fone C302–363–7779. Bldg obst may impact prevailing visibility 150°–260°. Dur evac of Wx Flt ctc 15 OWS at DSN 576–9690, C618–256–9690. Altn wx lctn vis slightly ltd due to bldg and prk acft. ATC will supplement obsn as needed.
SMYRNA (L) (L) VORTACW 111.4 ENO Chan 51 N39°13.90′ W75°30.96′ 168° 6.6 NM to fld. 15/9W.
140°–150° byd 36 NM blo 2,000′
200°–300° byd 36 NM blo 3,000′
VOR unusable:
159°–169° blo 3,000 . 325–335 byd 15NM blo 4,900′
DME unusable:
140°–150° byd 36 NM blo 2,000′
200°–300° byd 36 NM blo 3,000′
(T) TACAN Chan 37 DOV (110.0) N39°07.94′ W75°28.04′ at fld. 17/12W. NOTAM FILE DOV. No NOTAM MP: 0500–1100Z‡ Wed (20002+1)
095°–105° byd 13 mn blo 3,000′
military use: No NOTAM MP: 0500–1100Z‡ Mon–Fri (10003+1)
ILS 109.95 I–DOV Rwy 01. Class IIE. ILS/Radar–ILS: Caution Rwy 19: ILS TCH 43′. Hgt gp 4 (A300, B1, B747/767/777, C5, DC10, E4, KC10, VC25) WCH 18′. MP by NOTAM: (1,0003+1).
ILS 111.9 I–LIR Rwy 19. Class IE. ILS WHEEL crossing height data: GROUP 4 (18.1ft). Mp by NOTAM: (1,0003+1).
COMM/NAV/WEATHER REMARKS: Radar: No–NOTAM MP: 0500–1100Z‡ Mon–Fri (10003+1).

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