FORT BELVOIR, VA   [chart] [wx] [tpp]
DAVISON AAF (DAA)(KDAA) A (ARNG) 3 NW UTC–5(–4DT) N38°42.90′ W77°10.85′
74 B TPA–See Remarks NOTAM FILE DCA Not insp.
RWY 14–32: H5421X75 (ASPH) PCN 52 F/A/W/T HIRL
RWY 14: PAPI(P4L)–GA 3.0° TCH 68′. RVR–R Thld dsplcd 491′.
RWY 32: MALSF. PAPI(P4R)–GA 3.0° TCH 35′. RVR–T Thld dsplcd 892′.
SERVICE: MILITARY– LGT Avbl 0230–1100Z‡ Mon–Fri and 24 hrs on wknds and hols. When twr clsd HIRL Rwy 14–32 set to PCL. To actvt & incr ints MALSF Rwy 32; PAPI Rwy 14 & 32–CTAF. FUEL J8. Avbl 1200–0300Z‡ Mon–Fri; 1330–2130Z‡ Sat–Sun.
NOISE: Noise Abatement twr will advise of restriction to engine run up, tkf and ldg btn Mon–Sat 0300–1300Z‡, Sun and hol 2200–1700Z‡. Multiple practice instrument apch or tfc pat work are only authorized Mon–Sat 1300–0300Z‡, Sun and hol 1700–0300Z‡.
MILITARY REMARKS: Opr 1100–0230Z‡ Mon–Fri exc hol. RSTD Off Bus Only. PPR 24 hr notice for all non DAA based acft, ctc Base Ops 1200–2100Z‡ wkd, C571–515–4226/4228/4224. 24 hr PPR NVESD ramp, DSN 656–7675/7676, C703–806–7675/7676. Rwy 14 PAPI are non–standard. VFR use only. Acft with wingspan greater than 65′ are prohibited from taxiing NW of Twy F due to tree line located within 150′ of twy centerline. Twy G, H, and J clsd for night and IFR ops due to being unlit. Helipad 14–32 is 50′ wide. Lmtd to H–60 and smaller acft ops. Hazards: Rwy 14 inbd (inground) thr lgts are removed. Helipad 14–32 clsd for night and IFR ops due to being unlit. CAUTION Exp shear/crosswind shift touch down zone Rwy 32 dur SW–NW wind. Wildlife haz. TFC PAT TPA–F/W R/W SW 1500(1426), R/W NE 1100(1026). MISC Aerodrome beacon located 4600 ft E–NE of afld on top of DLA Bldg. With ctl twr/opr apv, dep acft may use rwy apch end ovrn for tkof roll. Wx obsn augmented/back–up as req Mon–Fri 1030–0230Z‡ exc hol. Auto voice obsn continuous DSN 656–7313. Wx fcst Mon–Fri 1100–0230Z‡, exc hol, OT remote briefing svc avbl 15th OWS, Scott AFB DSN 576–9755, C618–256–9755, fax extn 4855 or http://ows.scott.af.mil. See VFR–S for Pentagon Heliport. ARNG Opr continuously.
AIRPORT MANAGER: 703-664-1201
COMMUNICATIONS: CTAF 124.275 ATIS 128.175 (1100–0230Z‡ Mon–Fri, excl hols)
PTD 139.4 (VIP arr ctc Base OPS 15 min prior to ldg)
®POTOMAC APP/DEP CON 118.95 124.7 257.2 338.2
TOWER 124.275 229.4 241.0 (1100–0230Z‡ Mon–Fri excl hol) GND CON 121.9 351.8 CLNC DEL 351.8
METRO PMSV 139.4 BASE OPS 139.4 ARNG OPS 52.75
CLEARANCE DELIVERY PHONE: For CD when ATCT is clsd ctc Potomac Apch at 866-599-3874.
AIRSPACE: CLASS D svc 1100–0230Z‡ Mon–Fri exc hol; other times CLASS G.
ARMEL (L) (L) VORW/DME 113.5 AML Chan 82 N38°56.08′ W77°28.00′ 142° 18.8 NM to fld. 296/8W.
VOR unusable:
055°–092° blo 4,500′
116°–210° blo 4,500′
DME unusable:
055°–210° byd 28 NM blo 2,500′
211°–230° byd 30 NM blo 3,000′
DAVEE NDB (LOM) 223 DA N38°39.70′ W77°06.61′ 323° 4.6 NM to fld.
ILS/DME 108.9 I–DAA Chan 26 Rwy 32. Class IA. LOM DAVEE NDB. Unmonitored 0200–1000Z‡ wkday – 2000–1200Z‡ wkend/hol.
ASR/PAR (Weekdays 1200–0000Z‡ excluding holidays, 2 hr PPR other times.)
COMM/NAV/WEATHER REMARKS: Radar see Terminal FLIP for Radar Minima.

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