CAMP SPRINGS, MD   [chart] [wx] [tpp]
N38°48.65′ W76°52.02′ 280 B NOTAM FILE ADW Not insp.
RWY 01R: ALSF1. PAPI(P4L)–GA 3.0° TCH 63′. RVR–T
RWY 19L: ALSF1. PAPI(P4L)–GA 3.0° TCH 57′. RVR–T
RWY 01L–19R: H9318X200 (CONC–GRVD) PCN 72 R/B/W/T HIRL CL
RWY 01R BAK–14 BAK–12B(B) (1500 FT). BAK–14 BAK–12B(B) (1537 FT). RWY 19L
RWY 01L BAK–14 BAK–12B(B) (2240 FT). BAK–14 BAK–12B(B) (2240 FT). RWY 19R
SERVICE: S4 OX 2 MILITARY–LGT Rwy 01L–19R PAPI and ILS RPI not coincidental. Rwy 01L apch end PAPI lctd on rgt side of rwy. Rwy 01L–19R PAPI set for HGT Group 4. Rwy 01R–19L PAPI and ILS RPI not coincidental. Rwy 01R–19L PAPI set for HGT Group 3. A–GEAR Rwy 01R–19L North and South MB60 A–G unsvc. JASU (A/M32A–86) 9(AM32–95)
FUEL A++. Exp 30 min delay. Aircrew of tran acft rqr pwr on refuel must assist in refuel. FLUID SP PRESAIR De–Ice LPOX HPOX LOX OIL SOAP
NOISE: Noise Abatement: No practice apch btn 0300–1100Z‡, all acr acft exp full stop ldg. Quiet hr nmly 0300–1100Z‡. Scramble/Alert msn exempt. 0000–1100Z‡, daily, no helicopter overflight or tfc pat west of Rwy 01L–19R (over base housing) blw 800′ AGL. Strict compliance with procedure rqrd. 89 OSS AM OPS DSN 858–3411, C301–981–3411. Noise abatement Navy Ramp:Turboprop taxi low idle and secure outboard engines prior to ramp entry, exempt dur ice cond.
MILITARY REMARKS: RSTD Official Business Only. PPRs for all aircraft. DVS, SAM, EVAC are exempt from restrictions however require PPR for tracking and ramp avbl. DSN 858–3411. All tran acft must obtain PPR NR for tracking and ramp availability via e–mail: 89OSS.OSA@US.AF.MIL or DSN 858–3411/9442 or C301–981–3411/9442 no earlier than 72 hr and not less than 48 hr prior to arr. Eff Rwy 01L–19R (btn dsplcd thr) avbl for tkf and ldg is 9318′. Do not land prior to mkd rwy thr; dsplcd thr may not be used for tkf or ldg roll out. Offl TERPS end of rwy for obst protection is mrkd thld. Do not use opposite end dspld thld for tkf computations or tkf roll. Rwy 01L–19R len of 11318′ is for Presidental Airlift Group (PAG), 459 ARW acft, 1 ACCS and other 89 OG/CC apv acft ops. OG/CC apvl rqrd for use of the displd thlds for tkof or ldgs. Rwy 01L–19R Len of 11318′ is for Presidential Airlift Group (PAG), 459 ARW acft and 1 ACCS acft and other 89 OG/CC apvd acft ops. Apvl for use of the displd thlds for tkof or ldgs rqr 89 OG/CC apvl. Ctc 89 OSS AM Ops for waiver DSN 858–3411. Rwy 01L–19R avl tkof dist incl hardened ovrn is 10918′ X 200′. Opr use of Rwy 01L–19R dsplcd thr areas for tkof and/or ldg rollout specifically auth for Presidential Airlift Group (PAG), 459 ARW acft, 1 ACCS and other 89 OG/CC apvd acft. Northernmost 400′ of ovrn displaced threshold areas can accommodate only idle thrust jet blast. Only southernmost 600′ of Rwy 19R displaced threshold areas (North end of Rwy 01L–19R) is usable for tkof (i.e. point at which tkf power can be applied) due to proximity of LOC ant array install 1200′ fm Rwy 19R ldg thld. PPR must be req 72 hr prior to arr, DSN 858–3411. Rwy 01R–19L due to weak feature at apch end Rwy 01R. Rwy 01L–19R South end underrun/overrun unusbl due to pavement degradation. No arr/dep of tran fighter acft with live forward firing munitions. All inbd acft ctc Andrews Comd Post (316 WG comd Post) 1 hr out with DV codes, load msg, blocktime, ETD and rqr. AMC acft opr rstd dur bird watch condition moderate (tkof or ldg perms only when dep/arr rte avoid ident bird act, no lcl IFR/VFR tfc pat act) and severe (tkof or ldg proh wo OG/CC), ctc baseops for current bird watch cond. Current bird watch cond. E–4 acft rqr afld mgr apvl to use. Twy E btn Twys E1 and E4 are only 50′ wide. All twys are 75′ wide exc Twy E1 and Twy E2.Twy E, N, of E3 clsd to acft with wg span greater than 165′ (C5, B747, C17 KC10, etc). For RON svc call 316 WG Comd Post DSN 858–5058 or C301–981–5058.ASDE in use. Opr transponders with alt reporting mode and ADS–B (if equipped) enable in ctl movement area. Rwy 01R–19L B–747/AN–124 opr proh, exc 89AW acft, due foreign object damge potential; waiver authority is 316 OG/CC. PPR exc AMC, SAM, DOD courier svc, and evac MSN DSN 858–3411. All acft filing to ADW must call for ramp freeze info, ramp freezes close afld up to 30 min, delays are possible. CAUTION Extremely heavy VFR conflicting tfc North and South quadrants. Visibility byd 3 miles rstd by trees. Wind flow from 200°–300° disrupted by hangar on SE side of afld. Deer haz, pilots report any activity to twr/PTD. Obstruction (acft tails) encroach upon 7:1 transition sfc, westside, between park rows 1–12, tail heights may encroach by 16′ 7". East ramp, tail heights may encroach by 51′ 6".Flight restricted zone and SFRA in the Washington DC metropolitan area. All non–DOD acft must ctc. Transportation Security Adminstration for SFRA Waiver IAW ZDC NOTAMS 5–7 days prior.
TFC PAT Because of extremely hvy air tfc to the W, all acft on overhead pat will enter fm the east, regardless of ldg rwy. Overhead pat 2000′, rectangular pat 1500′, lgt acft 1000′ copter 800′. Acft req VFR multi patterns must use twr VHF freq. MISC All tran acft will hold on Twy W for flw me veh prior to entering prk ramp. First 4300′ and last 325′ of Rwy 01R concrete. Ftr/trng acft bring eng covers. Acft with VIP exp transfer to AF copter must ctc Mussel OPS (141.7 292.2) 15 min out if arr will be different than sked. For flt planning, use DCA preferred IFR routes lctd at–preferred–routes–database.jsp. Rwy 01L–19R grooved. Rwy 01R–19L grooved. West ramp rows 2, 3, and 4 closed when DV movement aircraft present on row 5. Rwy 01L–19R mandatory rwy hold signs at end intersections of Twys N, S and W contain incorrect legend. Rwy 01L–19R and Rwy 01R–19L hold signs at instrument critical areas on Twys W, N, S, and E contain incorrect legend. During winter weather events aircrew may receive airfield status information at HTTP://RT3GRIP.COM/ANDREWS/LOGIN.PHP after retrieving the login information from AM ops at DSN 858–9442 or C301–981–9442. CSTMS/AG/IMG Customs Border Protection hrs 1100–2300Z‡, after 2300Z‡ ctc Comd Post. OT agents drive to Andrews AFB. No notice acft that rqr Customs can exp min 2 hr delay. CBP rqr the following forms for arrival acft. CBP form 7507 (11/12) general declaration, CBP form 6059B (04/14) customs declaration lctd MISC NAVY East/Navy side tran svc not avbl 24/7. Exc for DV flights Navy hq bldg open 1230–2130Z‡ Mon–Fri. For after hr arrivals ctc NAFW at C240–857–9259/C240–381–2739/C202–340–5954. ANG PPR for svg and use of prk ramps. No AVGAS or reciprocating eng oil avbl, ltd maint. Ctc 201 OPS DSN 857–7161/62, UHF 314.25, lctd w side ADW. 113 WG, DCANG DSN 857–419091, UHF 234.8 lctd east side ADW. No tran maint avbl.
AIRPORT MANAGER: 301-981-9442

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