NANAIMO, CN   [chart] [wx] [tpp]
NANAIMO BC (CYCD) 7 SSE UTC–8(–7DT) N49°03.27′ W123°52.20′
RWY 16–34: H6602X150 (ASPH) HIRL
RWY 16: ODALS. REIL. PAPI(P2L)—GA 3.0°. Thld dsplcd 197′.
RWY 34: REIL. PAPI(P2L)—GA 3.5°. Thld dsplcd 1002′. RVR
RWY 16: TORA–6602 TODA–7094 ASDA–6602 LDA–6405
RWY 34: TORA–6602 TODA–7192 ASDA–6602 LDA–5600
SERVICE: S4 FUEL 100LL, JET A1 LGT After 0530Z‡ ACTIVATE HIRL Rwy 16–34, Rwys 16 and 34 PAPI and REIL Rwy 16 and Rwy 34—122.1.
AIRPORT REMARKS: Attended continuously. Fuel self svc 24 hrs, full svc Mon–Fri 1700–0100Z‡ OT call out avbl PN 250-924-3639; 604-227-9274 (100LL only) Self svc 24 hrs card lock. Arpt use rstd to acft with a wingspan of less than 118′. CAUTION: Recommend that only pilots familiar with local terrain should use this arpt during hrs of darkness. Ngt ops are not recommended unless the PAPI and all five hazard beacons are opr. ARFF services: 6 1330-0800Z (DT 1230-0700Z) for sked acft 20 seats and abv, OT 2hr PN cost recovery. Customs avbl phone 888–226–7277. Rwy 34 rgt hand circuts. Maintain 1200 ASL til over Ladysmith Harbour. Rwy 16 climb to a safe altitude. Left turn heading 142° til over Ladysmith Harbour. Climb over Harbour to 1000 ASL before proceeding on course. Avoid flgt over built up areas below 1000′ ASL. Extv bird activity. Deer invof rwy. Twy G unlgtd, rstd daytime use only, max wt 5,000 lbs. Twy G wt greater than 5000 lbs PPR 250-618-0875. PAPI limitation/restriction. PAPI Rwy 34 offset 8° rgt. PAPI 34 to be used only within 3NM of thld. Lgts O/R FSS dur hours of ops. Hi terrain reduces operational len of Rwy 34 PAPI. OT ARCAL–122.1 type K. Prkg plan in effect. CBSA and corporate turbine acft must park along N edge of Apron I PPR 250-618-0875. No exceptions. Corp turbine acft access groundside via Gate 19A only. PPR for access/egress via tml bldg. Remaining Apron I rstd to sked tfc only. Piston acft not permitted to use Apron I due apron congestion. Altn prkg avbl on Apron III ctc 604-227-9274.
COMMUNICATIONS: ATIS 128.425 1–877–517–2847 1400–0500Z (DT 1300–0400Z)
RADIO 122.1 291.8 1330-0530Z‡ (emerg only 250-245-4032)
GND ADV 122.6 1330-0530Z‡ (DT 1230-0430Z‡) (emerg only 250-245-4032) (PTC avbl)
VICTORIA APP/DEP CON 121.075 252.3
NDB(BH) 251 YCD N49°07.67′ W123°52.30′ 163° 4.4 NM to Fld./16E.
COMM/NAV/WEATHER REMARKS: Kamloops 866–WXBRIEF (Toll free within Canada) or 866–541–4101 (Toll free within Canada & USA). Vancouver IFR 604-586-4590/4591, or 800-668-1333 METAR 1400-0500Z‡, OT LWIS.

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