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BUCHANAN FLD (CCR)(KCCR) 1 W UTC–8(–7DT) N37°59.38′ W122°03.41′
26 B ARFF Index—See Remarks NOTAM FILE CCR
RWY 01L–19R: H5001X150 (ASPH–CONC–GRVD) S–60, D–90, 2S–114, 2D–140 PCN 124F/C/W/T HIRL
RWY 01L: REIL. PAPI(P4L)—GA 4.0° TCH 40′. Tree.
RWY 19R: MALS. PAPI(P4L)—GA 3.0° TCH 22′. Thld dsplcd 601′. Pole. Rgt tfc.
RWY 14L–32R: H4602X150 (ASPH–CONC–PFC) S–60, D–90, 2S–114, 2D–140 PCN 108F/C/W/T MIRL
RWY 14L: Thld dsplcd 301′. Road.
RWY 32R: REIL. PAPI(P4R)—GA 4.0° TCH 40′. Thld dsplcd 350′. Tree. Rgt tfc.
RWY 14R–32L: H2798X75 (ASPH) S–12.5 PCN 14 F/B/W/T
RWY 14R: Road. Rgt tfc.
RWY 01R–19L: H2770X75 (ASPH) S–17 PCN 12 F/B/W/U
RWY 01R: Tree. Rgt tfc.
RWY 19L: Tree.
RWY 01L:TORA–4701 TODA–5001 ASDA–4401 LDA–4401
RWY 01R:TORA–2770 TODA–2770 ASDA–2770 LDA–2770
RWY 14L:TORA–4601 TODA–4601 ASDA–4001 LDA–3701
RWY 14R:TORA–2799 TODA–2799 ASDA–2799 LDA–2799
RWY 19L:TORA–2770 TODA–2770 ASDA–2770 LDA–2770
RWY 19R:TORA–5001 TODA–5001 ASDA–5001 LDA–4401
RWY 32L:TORA–2799 TODA–2799 ASDA–2799 LDA–2799
RWY 32R:TORA–4601 TODA–5081 ASDA–4481 LDA–4131
SERVICE: S4 FUEL 100LL, JET A1+ OX1, 2 LGTACTIVATE MALS Rwy 19R 0600–1400Z‡—; PAPI Rwy 01L, Rwy 19R, and Rwy 32R—119.7. Rwy 01L PAPI does not provide obstruction clearance byd 4.0 NM from thld. Rwy 32R PAPI does not provide obstruction clearance byd 4.0 NM from thld. REIL Rwy 01L off when tower clsd.
AIRPORT REMARKS: Attended 1500–0100Z‡. Birds on and invof arpt, heaviest concentration Nov–Mar and after rainstorms. Arpt sfc conditions not monitored 0600–1500Z‡. When twr clsd Rwy 14L–32R, Rwy 14R–32L and Rwy 01R–19L CLOSED. Rwy 19R standard left tfc when twr closed. Class IV, ARFF Index A. CLOSED to air carrier ops with more than 30 passenger seats except PPR call arpt manager 925–646–5722. ARFF svc avbl 24 hrs with prior approval from arpt administration. +8′ fence 110′ byd Rwy 01L TODA distance of 5010′ and +7′ fence 210′ byd Rwy 14L TODA distance of 4601′ along the extended rwy centerline. Rwy 01R–19L pavement has high severity block cracking, longitudinal and transverse cracking, patching and weathering. Rwy 14L–32R pavement has high severity longitudinal and transverse cracking, raveling and weathering. No training ops Mon–Fri 0600–1500Z‡, Sat, Sun and holidays 0600–1600Z‡. Noise sensitive area practice noise abatement (fly quiet) procedures. Arpt has noise abatement procedures ctc arpt manager prior to arrival 925–681–4200. Ldg fee for commercial ops and tie down fee for overnight parking.
AIRPORT MANAGER: (925) 681-4200
COMMUNICATIONS: CTAF 119.7 ATIS 124.7 925–685–4567 UNICOM 122.95
CONCORD TOWER 119.7 123.9 (1500–0600Z‡) GND CON 121.9 CLNC DEL 118.75
AIRSPACE: CLASS D svc 1500–0600Z‡; other times CLASS G.
CONCORD (T) VORW/DME 117.0 CCR Chan 117 N38°02.70′ W122°02.71′ 173° 3.4 NM to fld. 5/17E.
VOR unusable:
090°–115° byd 10 NM blo 3,500′
DME unusable:
090°–115° byd 10 NM blo 3,500′
LDA/DME 108.5 I–CCR Chan 22 Rwy 19R. LDA unmonitored when ATCT clsd.
COMM/NAV/WEATHER REMARKS: When twr clsd call Travis apch ctl (SUU) clnc del 707–424–5111.

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