BURLINGTON/MOUNT VERNON, WA   [chart] [wx] [tpp]
SKAGIT RGNL (BVS)(KBVS) 3 W UTC–8(–7DT) N48°28.23′ W122°25.30′
145 B TPA—See Remarks NOTAM FILE BVS
RWY 11–29: H5480X100 (ASPH) S–60, D–75, 2D–125 MIRL 0.8% up W
RWY 11: REIL. PAPI(P4L)—GA 3.0° TCH 43′.
RWY 29: REIL. PAPI(P4L)—GA 3.0° TCH 42′.
RWY 04–22: H3000X60 (ASPH) S–12.5 LIRL 0.3% up NE
RWY 04: PAPI(P2L)—GA 4.0° TCH 43′.
RWY 22: PAPI(P2L)—GA 3.0° TCH 44′.
SERVICE: S4 FUEL 100LL, JET A OX 3, 4 LGT ACTIVATE MIRL Rwy 11–29 and LIRL Rwy 04–22, PAPI Rwy 11 and Rwy 29 and REIL Rwy 11 and Rwy 29—CTAF. PAPI Rwy 04 and Rwy 22 opr continuously.
AIRPORT REMARKS: Attended 1500–0300Z‡. Terminal building open 1500–0300Z‡. After hours, access avbl to pilots. Terminal and apron adj to terminal free pilot access Wifi. Migratory waterfowl and birds on and invof arpt. Helicopter training ops on arpt with autorotations on rwy. Possible turbulence invof exhaust stacks 3,500′ southwest of Rwy 04, avoid low alt over flt. Use of Twy B by acft with wingspan 49′ or greater prohibited when Rwy 04–22 in use. TPA–1145(1000) Ultralight TPA–645(500). Rwy 04–22 has wdspr, opn, unsealed cracks and joints. Rwy 04 and Rwy 22 markings faded. U.S. Cust svc avbl for intl arr. Ck Port of Skagit website for req for svc instr, Avbl seve days a week, per apvl. Usage fees apply.
AIRPORT MANAGER: 360-757-0011
WEATHER DATA SOURCES: AWOS–3 121.125 (360) 757–7767.
CLEARANCE DELIVERY PHONE: For CD ctc Whidbey Apch at 360-257-3310.
TATOOSH (H) (H) VORTACW 112.2 TOU Chan 59 N48°17.99′ W124°37.62′ 061° 88.8 NM to fld. 1650/22E.
SKAGIT/BAY VIEW NDB (MHW) 240 BVS N48°28.12′ W122°25.10′ at fld. 98/16E. NOTAM FILE BVS.
NDB unusable:
350°–030° byd 20 NM

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