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BEALE AFB (BAB)(KBAB) AF 6 E UTC–8(–7DT) N39°08.17′ W121°26.20′
113 B TPA—See Remarks NOTAM FILE BAB Not insp.
RWY 15–33: H12001X300 (CONC–GRVD) PCN 84 R/B/W/T HIRL
RWY 15: ALSF1. PAPI(P4L)—GA 2.75° TCH 53′. RVR–T
RWY 33: ALSF1. PAPI(P4L)—GA 3.0° TCH 51′. RVR–T
OIL O–128–133–148 TRAN ALERT Svc avbl 1500–0000Z‡ Mon–Fri exc Federal hol. Acft that arr after 2300Z‡ will not be svc til next duty day. Fleet svc avbl, 24 hr PN rqr. Lavatory cart avbl for trans acft with prior coord. Aircrew will have to perform their own lavatory svc and cleanup.
MILITARY REMARKS: Opr 24 hrs from Mon 1400Z‡ thru Sat 0600Z‡ and/or by NOTAM, clsd wkends and hol. See FLIP AP/1 Supplementary Arpt Remark. RSTD PPR 24 hr PN, ctc Base OPS DSN 368–2002/9120, C530–634–2002/9120. Issued PPR valid 1 hr +/– ETA, early/late arr/dep must be re–coord. No unannounced acft practice apch. Inbound tran acft obtain apvl from ctl twr DSN 368–9140 for acft practice apch prior to flight. Ltd park avbl. No tran acft practice apch Mon–Fri 1400–0200Z‡, other times tran acft can exp lcl trng to receive priority. Tran acft with PPR number authorized single apch to full stop ldg. Ltd parking avbl. VIP parking rstd to acft with wingspan 95′ or less. Larger DV acft will park on cargo spots. CAUTION: Beale AFB is lctd on a major migratory bird flyway. Use extreme caution for unmanned acft activity invof Beale AFB. Security fence and lgts lctd less than 200′ fm Twy F cntrln. Rwy 300′ wide marked at 150′. Full 300′ width useable. TFC PAT TPA Rectangular pattern 1100 (987), overhead pattern 2100 (1987). Fighter type acft fly rgt tfc Rwy 15.
CSTMS/AG/IMG Ltd Cstms and AG avbl to mil acft only, 24 hr PN rqrd. Ctc afld management at C530–634–2002 or DSN 368–2002. MISC Tran acft exp progressive taxi. Wx svc avbl H24. Current wx obsn avbl via ATIS or ctc ATC. No COMSEC material avbl. Tran aircrew should plan to arrive with appropriate COMSEC to complete entire msn. No Space–A PAX support avbl on weekends, hol, and ACC family days.
AIRPORT MANAGER: 916-634-2217
COMMUNICATIONS: ATIS 124.55 273.5 (Opr during Wing ops) PTD 140.875 (for use only within 16.2 NM, 15,000′ or blo) 372.2 (VHF unsvc)
®NORCAL APP/DEP CON 125.4 259.1
TOWER 119.4 284.75 (1400Z‡ Mon thru 0600Z‡ Sat and/or by NOTAM, clsd wkends and hol)
GND CON 121.6 257.75
WING COMMAND POST 321.0 311.0 (321.0 Inbd acft ctc Command Post 35 min prior ETA with intentions.)
PMSV METRO PMSV unmto 0700–1300Z‡ Mon–Fri and dur hrs of afld closure. Wx obsn avbl H24 via auto obsn sys; Wx svc avbl 1 hr prior to afld opr hrs and dur forecast severe Wx DSN 368–9134, C530–634–9134. Dur Wx Flt closures remote briefing svc avbl from 25 Op Wx Squadron DSN 228–6598/6599/6588. When auto obsn sys inop, obst from 325°–060°, 080°–220° and 245°–280° may impact prevailing visibility. SUPERVISOR OF FLYING 139.6 240.225 (VHF unsvc)
CLEARANCE DELIVERY PHONE: For CD when ATCT is clsd ctc NorCal Apch at 916-361-6874
AIRSPACE: CLASS C svc ctc APPCON svc 1400Z‡ Mon– 0600Z‡ Sat and/or by NOTAM, clsd wkend and hol; other times CLASS G.
(L) TACAN Chan 23 BAB (108.6) N39°08.09′ W121°26.45′ at fld. 9016E. No NOTAM MP: 1200–1800Z‡ Thu and 1600–2300Z‡ Sat
240°–255° byd 25 NM blo 4,500′
ILS 109.5 I–BAB Rwy 15. Class ID. No NOTAM MP: 1200–1800Z‡ Tue and 1600–2300Z‡ Sun.
ILS 109.5 I–MIZ Rwy 33. Class IE. No NOTAM MP: 1200–1800Z‡ Tue and 1600–2300Z‡ Sun.

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